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"I had some difficulty getting back to your article, Gene, but I see it has been resolved. The recent news about Netanyahu’s “highly provocative April 1 attack on Iran’[...]

Apr 13, 2024 on
Moving Back from the Brink

"Thank you, Gene, for this information and an action we can take. The expensive preparation for mutually assured destruction in the face of our fellows in need of basic necessities [...]

Apr 06, 2024 on
Moving Back from the Brink

"Regardless of statistics, just the words “unwanted children” makes my heart break. We could add, unready for children. As animals with the ability to reflect,  anticipate, and create with [...]

Jan 13, 2024 on
How Would Abortion Ban Impact Whatcom County?

"Thank you for the reminder, Tip. I agree that expanding the commission is a good idea and ranked choice is a better way to vote, Alan. However, they are seperate [...]

Jan 13, 2024 on
Three Wise Men?

"Dick and Ruth, thank you both for sharing your information, thoughts, and feelings. Our family gave its sons to both WWI and WWII, and no one of my generation was [...]

Nov 11, 2023 on
Some Thoughts on Veterans Day 2023