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"Dick and Ruth, thank you both for sharing your information, thoughts, and feelings. Our family gave its sons to both WWI and WWII, and no one of my generation was [...]

Nov 11, 2023 on
Some Thoughts on Veterans Day 2023

"College students come and go. They represent a transient group, a community within our community that we value, but that should be primarily cared for by Western Washington University.  [...]

Oct 15, 2023 on
Housing: Problems AND Solutions

"Wendy was a voice like no other for the other half of our earth. She was so articulate, even when she had to get every important idea and supporting fact [...]

Sep 06, 2023 on
A Tribute to Wendy Harris

"Thank you for connecting us with information about this highly qualified candidate, Dick. I enjoyed reading about Russ Whidbee. I know that a resident who has chosen to adopt Bellingham [...]

Jul 07, 2023 on
Support Russ Whidbee For City Council At-Large

"Thank you for your vigilant reporting on this development project, Dick. I have been following our water issues to the best of my ability and have development on my mind [...]

Jul 01, 2023 on
Flippin' CityView