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"This silencing of our representatives reminds me of our struggle to stop the coal port at Cherry Point. The county Attorneys did the same thing and silenced the conversation. However, [...]

Jul 31, 2022 on
Council Advised Against Talking to the Public

"I am very grateful for a place for sharing ideas and concerns openly and honestly. Thank you to everyone involved with making this possible and keeping it civil. We have [...]

Jul 08, 2022 on
Dear Vlad...

"The Netherlands are leaders in community social well-being, and a good go to place to preview leading ideas in many areas. We could use much more education around interpersonal relationships [...]

Jul 08, 2022 on
School Board Member Offers Kids' Sex Classes

"Thanks, Diane! It would be great to have him in. His website is:  

Jul 05, 2022 on
Call for Congress! Jason Call

"Thank you for making the link  work.

Jul 04, 2022 on
The 4th. The Declaration. Let's Read It.