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Gaythia Weis

Commenter • Member since Sep 21, 2013

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"One of the positive aspects of moving away from Bellingham and back to Colorado for my husband and myself (and our software consulting LLC) was the availability of  in [...]

Jul 21, 2017 on
Case for Public Owned Internet Fiber System

"The problem with the Amy Griffin related cancer data is that this is in the corrlation does not prove causation format.  There is some subsequent information online indicating that [...]

Jul 12, 2017 on
Carcinogenic High School Sports Fields

"Re: Artificial Turf using crumb rubber from recycled tires: The Federal government is only just beginning to look into this:  https://www.epa.gov/chemical-research/federal-research-recycled-tire-crumb-used-playing-fields and https://www.[...]

Jul 12, 2017 on
Carcinogenic High School Sports Fields

"As an example of how embedded being dismissive of people of color is in Whatcom County, note the new business website, chosewhatcom.com.  As far as I can tell, [...]

Apr 28, 2016 on
Citizens: BPD dismissive of people of color

"I attended a “special ceremony” yesterday??? http://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/harcourt-to-sign-15m-us-port-deal-1.2149108

Apr 01, 2015 on
Port Gives Away Our Bellingham Waterfront