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"I am a colleague of Professor Mass. He is in the Atmospheric Sciences Dept, while I am partly retired but still a scientific staff in the Earth and Space Sciences [...]

Oct 23, 2018 on
Environmentalist? Vote NO on 1631

"Prior to Charter Amendment Initiative 1, there were At Large general elections. Sometimes the Republicans won (e.g., 2009), while at other times the Democrats won (e.g., 2013). The Republicans on the [...]

Apr 20, 2016 on
Unanimous Yes vote for 5 county council districts

"Ralph, You are right-on, surmising that the anti-9 folks might be playing a longer game. They have a very real chance of effectively nullifying Amendment 9 by getting a court to [...]

Apr 14, 2016 on
Deck stacked against Republicans at Districting Committee hearing

"Ralph, Even if a public hearing does not change minds, it has the virtue of giving members of the public the chance to hear each other in a polite and [...]

Apr 14, 2016 on
Don't speak at tonight's Districting Committee hearing

"Ralph, Thanks for your steady reporting. I went to the meeting last night and was impressed at how Brett Bonner’s focus on “voter packing” is entirely one-sided. Yes, the [...]

Apr 07, 2016 on
No sign of agreement as districting committee enters final phase