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"Dick, Thank you so much for publishing this account of the history of Armistace Day. (In your intro you wrote 2018 instead of 1918) LOL. I was born on this day in 1940, [...]

Nov 11, 2020 on
Armistice Day

"No question that when Mayor Kelli took over the running of MNAC, all things that mattered in the role of MNAC and in the way of real input in the [...]

Jan 28, 2020 on
Who’s Running Your Neighborhood Association? And Why Care?

"I disagree with long time friend John Watts.  Not all that long ago the council selected a retired Mayor to come back and serve as interim Mayor for some [...]

Oct 05, 2018 on
Hannah Stone selected for Bellingham city council

"Thanks for posting this article Ralph. It is interesting that so many people are willing to seek an appointment and yet so few candidates seek election to public office by [...]

Sep 26, 2018 on
Two dozen want Murphy’s Bellingham council seat

"In the “for what it’s worth department. Outgoing Carl Weimer just sent out a self developed questionnaire to all 29 candidates asking us to respond to a set of issues [...]

Dec 22, 2017 on
Count 'em: 29 people seek vacancy on Whatcom County Council