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"Tip,  I assume you are requesting and not receiving who the “targeted audience” was for the mailer. and who the three public officials were.”  I am curious what [...]

Dec 03, 2015 on
PDC - The Missing Documents

"Actually, I am a registered voter as are the two other adults living at my residence and as were several other people I talked with and none of us got [...]

Oct 28, 2015 on
Info Slowmo

"FYI Tip, Because yours and David’s and John’s comments all pointed out the unethical if not illegal actions of the county, I did write to the WA Attorney [...]

Oct 26, 2015 on
The Mysterious State of the Whatcom County Jail

"I love the irony of Louws comment:’” ... I’m a hawk on government efficiency, accountability, and compliance with applicable law.”  Then Louws, why as the land purchased for the [...]

Oct 21, 2015 on
Louws Regrets Jail Mailer

"Thank you John.  I compliment your reasonable solution. I too remember when the current jail was built.  I want to know why it is in disrepair.  Where [...]

Sep 22, 2015 on
Alternative Jail Proposal for City Center