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Alex McLean

Posting Citizen Journalist • Member since Jan 26, 2013

Alex McLean works in the local trades for a living. He served two 3 year terms on the Bellingham Greenways Advisory Committee, and helped craft the Levies that voters of Bellingham approved.

Articles by Alex McLean

Move These Buses, Now

By Alex McLeanOn Jan 27, 2019

If Bellingham Public Schools (hereafter noted as BPS) goes forward with plans to renovate its bus barn and storage facility, it will automatically foreclose on any option this community might [...]

This Mayor Hates Greenways

By Alex McLeanOn Jan 06, 2019

Mayor Kelli Linville’s first interaction with the Greenways Advisory Committee was to ask us to draw up a list of properties to sell. She had been in office a [...]

Recent comments

"I cannot agree more, Tip, and it perpetually has blown my mind the level of intransigence and lack of creative vigor that local leadership has so far put into this. [...]

Feb 08, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"Thanks, Konrad, for giving me a lot to consider and to work with here—all of your inquiries are valid, if not jaded by the convenient presumptions of the day, [...]

Jan 30, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"I can’t help Konrad if he’s incapable of reading through the endnotes—It just isn’t my problem.He’ll be happier of course when the Herald finally [...]

Jan 28, 2019 on
Move These Buses, Now

"I’ve had some time to confirm much of what others have added to this thread. Councilmember Lilliquist, who notes he has made official rebuttals in the past in [...]

Jan 17, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways

"I really appreciate the dialogue and additions people have contributed here—it gives me some faith that people do, indeed, care about the Greenways program in this community. At a [...]

Jan 13, 2019 on
This Mayor Hates Greenways