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Alex McLean works in the local trades for a living. He served two 3 year terms on the Bellingham Greenways Advisory Committee, and helped craft the Levies that voters of Bellingham approved.

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Not a Single Damn Tree? Really?

By Alex McLeanOn Oct 10, 2021

I have been a huge fan and promoter of the City’s Parks Stewards program and, as a side effect of that enthusiasm, have lamented that Public Works seems to [...]

CityView Dormitory Complex - Please Don’t Approve This Proposal

By Alex McLeanOn May 10, 2020

Please don’t approve this proposal for the following reasons: 1) The Geology: The developed section under consideration, from reading the elevation demarcations on the site plan, has a drop of [...]

Sink, Swim, or Divorce – Options Narrow for our Relationship with Harcourt

By Alex McLeanOn Oct 23, 2019

First, we’ll want to peer inside the Granary Building and ponder the spectacle of the world’s loneliest yoga studio ensconced within the world’s emptiest building. Then we’[...]

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"There were at least three neighborhood associations that were actively involved in pleading with Bellingham Public Schools to, please, move their grotesquely idiotic “Bus Barn” storage and repair [...]

Jan 24, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"Thanks for the added context, Jon, since our various battles and gripes with Public Works or the School District oftentimes overlap: we need these public agencies to have a more [...]

Oct 23, 2021 on
Not a Single Damn Tree? Really?

"America’s unique brand of predatory capitalism, especially in regard to housing, is really the core issue here. If Scott Jones wanted to attempt a more holistic analysis of our [...]

Oct 18, 2021 on
Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice

"Thank you John for highlighting Tim Johnson’s excellent “gristle” observations. Many others noticed the salient wisdom in what Johnson wrote, the article was shared widely on [...]

Oct 13, 2021 on
Today's Cascadia Weekly Gristle is Spot On: Mayor Called Out for Dismissive Attack

"I am a bit more forgiving of Mayor Fleetwood than many are comfortable with: He was elected right in the teeth of a global health pandemic, after all, and that [...]

Oct 12, 2021 on
Not a Single Damn Tree? Really?