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Alex McLean

Commenter • Member since Jan 26, 2013

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"First off, I voted for it—my ballot is done and gone.I am the sort of unreasonable and unbearable hippie who, under most any scenario, would vote for ANY [...]

Oct 25, 2018 on
Environmentalist? Vote NO on 1631

"A few points: Greenway funds—at least for the current levy that is about to expire—have two devoted tranches, or dividers. These are defined by “Acquisition” dollars and “Development” [...]

May 23, 2016 on
Proposed over-water walkway is dead

"I’m a math genius! Using $665.00 for the mid-range for the 152 three bedroom, per bedroom, monthly rate ...  and adding the $765.00 per-bedroom monthly rate for the 96 two bedroom units ... multiply [...]

Dec 27, 2015 on
Update on Lincoln Street Student Housing Project

"Parking should be a consideration for ADU applications. Cars impact neighborhoods, after all, and they are definitely a barometer of liveability therein. The City has punted on parking overall, however, [...]

Nov 25, 2015 on
Accessory Dwelling Units - There Is No Rush

"Thanks, Shannon, for distilling the “pro” position on this debate. I wrote in support of DADUs (Detached ADUs) to the Planning Commission awhile back, and, less officially, I’ve been [...]

Nov 18, 2015 on
Bellingham Updating Accessory Dwelling Laws
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