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Dick Conoboy is a recovering civilian federal worker and military officer who was offered and accepted an all-expense paid, one year trip to Vietnam in 1968. He is a former Army Foreign Area Specialist for Western Europe and Southeast Asia, counter-terrorism intelligence analyst and information/security manager at the Defense Department. Dick also worked as a resource manager at various government offices to include then VP Al Gore’s National Partnership for Re-inventing Government, now recognized as having been a shamefully neo-liberal “think tank”. He speaks fluent French and a passable English learned through many years of elementary school experience diagramming sentences. Dick owes his writing ability to consuming large amounts of chemical laden and fried fresh water pike and perch fished from Lake Erie in the 40s and 50s near his native Cleveland whose Cuyahoga River regularly catches on fire.

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City’s First Step to Rezone/Upzone Single Family Neighborhoods

By Dick ConoboyOn Dec 07, 2017

The public process for amending the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) ordinance has been compromised by poor planning and lack of transparency in notifying the public. The city canceled a public [...]

Rental Inspections - Where Are We…Really?

By Dick ConoboyOn Nov 03, 2017

Rental safety and health inspections began in Bellingham in the summer of 2016. In an August 2017 report to the Bellingham City Council [See report below], the director of planning indicated that [...]

Fire on Jersey St. - An Investigation

By Dick ConoboyOn Oct 07, 2017

This terrible fire at 1017 Jersey Street this past week was the fourth Hansen/Lakeway Realty rental home to be engulfed in flames in the last 5-6 years, thus accounting for [...]

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" Ralph, Ah, now I get it!  It is multi-layered and confusing. Dick

Aug 04, 2020 on
Portland protest: confessions of a riot tourist

" Ralph, Nice report.  Given that the population of Portland is about 620,000 and blacks make up about 6% or roughly 36,000, does that explain the overwhelming number of white participants?  [...]

Aug 03, 2020 on
Portland protest: confessions of a riot tourist

"Forest, I assume you read my post of today on WWU closing for the fall term.  I doubt very much if we will see the campus open until next [...]

Jul 29, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3

"Forest, Yes!  One of the reasons we brought to the council 6-7 years ago to get the ban passed. 

Jul 29, 2020 on
Reminder - Fireworks Are Banned In Bellingham

" Larry, I have seen that video of the doctors before and find it quite frightening.  There is a reason it has been taken down from different venues and [...]

Jul 29, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3