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Dick Conoboy is a recovering civilian federal worker and military officer who was offered and accepted an all-expense paid, one year trip to Vietnam in 1968. He is a former Army Foreign Area Specialist for Western Europe and Southeast Asia, counter-terrorism intelligence analyst and information/security manager at the Defense Department. Dick also worked as a resource manager at various government offices to include then VP Al Gore’s National Partnership for Re-inventing Government, now recognized as having been a shamefully neo-liberal “think tank”. He speaks fluent French and a passable English learned through many years of elementary school experience diagramming sentences. Dick owes his writing ability to consuming large amounts of chemical laden and fried fresh water pike and perch fished from Lake Erie in the 40s and 50s near his native Cleveland whose Cuyahoga River regularly catches on fire.

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False Alarms, Alerts and Other Panic Inducing Incidents

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 07, 2018

Several days ago I received an email from Baffler magazine with an article entitled Blame the Computer by Corey Pein. Part of the piece was an explanation of the glitch [...]

Just What Bellingham Needs - Another Brewery - And Amid Single Family Homes

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 19, 2018

A short time ago, I received the following from a resident of Sunnyland. It is another story of zoning laws that do little to protect our residents while favoring businesses.[...]

YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?

By Dick ConoboyOn Jan 21, 2018

Talk about irony. The Whatcom County Association of Realtors( WCAR) has awarded Wendy Scherrer its “Partner of the Year” award for all her hard work to effect a “pilot project” [...]

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" Jon, Thanks.  Now I also went to the Flent site at the link you provided.  What I saw there was way beyond my capabilities as a computer [...]

Aug 08, 2020 on
State Government Skewing Internet Test to Favor Telecoms

"Jon, I go through Comcast.  I tried the speed test tool and got Ping 16, Download 201 and Upload 6.  Then I got an immediate pop up window with this: “Try [...]

Aug 08, 2020 on
State Government Skewing Internet Test to Favor Telecoms

" Ralph, Ah, now I get it!  It is multi-layered and confusing. Dick

Aug 04, 2020 on
Portland protest: confessions of a riot tourist

" Ralph, Nice report.  Given that the population of Portland is about 620,000 and blacks make up about 6% or roughly 36,000, does that explain the overwhelming number of white participants?  [...]

Aug 03, 2020 on
Portland protest: confessions of a riot tourist

"Forest, I assume you read my post of today on WWU closing for the fall term.  I doubt very much if we will see the campus open until next [...]

Jul 29, 2020 on
There Will Be No Phase 3