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Dick Conoboy is a recovering civilian federal worker and military officer who was offered and accepted an all-expense paid, one year trip to Vietnam in 1968. He is a former Army Foreign Area Specialist for Western Europe and Southeast Asia, counter-terrorism intelligence analyst and information/security manager at the Defense Department. Dick also worked as a resource manager at various government offices to include then VP Al Gore’s National Partnership for Re-inventing Government, now recognized as having been a shamefully neo-liberal “think tank”. He speaks fluent French and a passable English learned through many years of elementary school experience diagramming sentences. Dick owes his writing ability to consuming large amounts of chemical laden and fried fresh water pike and perch fished from Lake Erie in the 40s and 50s near his native Cleveland whose Cuyahoga River regularly catches on fire.

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Public Banking Bill Fails In Committee

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 13, 2023

SB5509, An Act Relating to the creation of the Washington state public infrastructure bank, will have to be brought back in 2024 when its chances of completing the legislative slalom might [...]

Growth of Medicare’s ACO Reach Scam Halted

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 12, 2023

Gaudium Magnum! Now that 2.1 million Medicare beneficiaries have been involuntarily moved from their Traditional Medicare into the ACO Reach privatization scheme, the creation of any more such entities has [...]

Call To Action On Medicare (Dis)Advantage!

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 02, 2023

A few days ago, I was in my ophthalmologist's office. As I was waiting to be called into his exam room, a man checking in at the counter merrily exclaimed [...]

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"Randy, When I was born in 1943 there were 2.5 billion people on earth.  The number is now 8 billion. That might provide a hint regarding what the problem is.

Mar 15, 2023 on
Wildflowers in Santa Ynez

"Garrett, Rigid thinking harms us all and opening one’s mind to possibilities is not easy given the acculturation we suffer from and that begins our first day on [...]

Mar 15, 2023 on
Wildflowers in Santa Ynez

"Lynda, Thank you for informing us of your well-put letter.  I encourage others to follow suit.  It would be nice if Dr. Gober finds here new desk covered [...]

Mar 14, 2023 on
Growth of Medicare's ACO Reach Scam Halted

"David, A valid question and I don’t have the answer.  Perhaps there have been some studies but I just don’t know. That being said, satisfaction can be [...]

Mar 06, 2023 on
Rise of Medicare Advantage – Creation of a Myth

"Tom, When I received my commission in the Army in 1965,  Congress was already meddling in a system wherein retired military had care for life in military hospitals that you [...]

Feb 27, 2023 on
A Cruel Joke From The VA and Congress