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"Thank you for that admission, Jon.  You certainly have the right to be critical of any plan once you admit it exists, and I share your concern about the [...]

Nov 18, 2021 on
Electric School Buses #2

"Jon, you claim the Port does not have a climate action plan.  Wrong, you can check it out: here.

Nov 18, 2021 on
Electric School Buses #2

"Unfortunately, the cruise ships will probably return full force to Alaska in 2022.  Many of the smaller towns have sold out, with large portions of their downtowns dedicated to serving [...]

Feb 10, 2021 on
Cruising And Tourism: Wretched Excess

"Read back through these posts.  There is some name-calling and dissing going on, but it is not coming from Sam Crawford.

Feb 19, 2016 on
Anchor-chain activists face hefty fines

"The question before the Port Commission Tues. Feb. 2nd was whether the Port should permit Uber to operate at Bellingham International Airport for a one year trial period.  The [...]

Feb 03, 2016 on
Say Nein to Uber