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John Hatten

Commenter • Member since Aug 11, 2010

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"Larry and Dick, Michael is acknowledging that this is a flawed system, and in a flawed system landlords can be evil (mega-landlords whose primary objective is maximizing profits) and landlords [...]

Jul 08, 2019 on
April Barker Mayor? - An Equity Assessment of the Candidate

"Thank you David for the link to their Facebook page. Their public perspective as laid out on Facebook is that they take the neighbor’s concerns seriously and are actively [...]

Oct 27, 2018 on
Twin Sisters Brewery - It Is Not Getting Better For The Neighbors

"This article is what makes me proud to live in an open democracy, but what the article is pointing out is how easy it is to operate in the shadows. [...]

Oct 02, 2013 on
How the Coal Industry Funneled $40,000 into Whatcom

"Without much thought, I contacted the City Council several weeks ago to urge them to support the Coal Free initiative. When Michael Lilliquist replied with nearly 3,000 words, I read each [...]

Aug 11, 2012 on
Coal Free Bellingham: Point Proven?