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Citizen Journalist and Editor • Member since Jan 11, 2008

Tip Johnson is a longtime citizen interest advocate with a record of public achievement projects for good government and the environment. A lifelong student of government, Tip served two terms on the Bellingham City Council and has worked on many community boards and committees. He travelled with the Federal Transit Administration and Department of Commerce on mass transit trade missions in SE Asia and Africa before settling down to focus on keeping public interests at the fore of local government and the course of growth and development.

Articles by Tip Johnson

Defund WHAT?

By Tip JohnsonOn Oct 31, 2022

Happy Halloween, all.  The ghouls are out and mischief is afoot.  Beware!There's a spate of GOP TV ads and mailers targeting Democrats for defunding the police.  [...]

Dear Vlad…

By Tip JohnsonOn Jul 08, 2022

Someone apparently vehemently disagrees with Dianne Foster’s article of February 20, 2022 entitled, "Wait a Minute, We Got in This Ukrainian Mess… How?”. Northwest Citizen has recently received a spate [...]

Elevators, Smelevators

By Tip JohnsonOn Feb 14, 2022

The fetid stench of the incarceration industrial complex is once again filling the air. Within political minutes of Whatcom County announcing its intention to take a third try at a [...]

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"Big shoes to fill, but I hope some try. 

Sep 05, 2023 on
A Tribute to Wendy Harris

"http://www.skookum.us/fowcweb/cleancover.htmSome circa 2004 (archived website, not everything works) stuff on the illegal toxic slab under the scrap metal mountain. If you look, there’s a [...]

Apr 15, 2023 on
It Always Comes Back to the Toxic Sludge

"Sadly not the only administrative effort exhibiting a lack of leadership

Apr 03, 2023 on

"One might reference most of the plan’s flowery words concerning the scap metal are by looking up the masterplan https://www.portofbellingham.com/DocumentCenter/View/9149/2019-Waterfront-District-Sub-Area-Plan and search [...]

Apr 01, 2023 on
Port Priorities Subvert Their Own Plan

"The County has never considered adding to the existing jail the two additional stories it was built to support.  The structural engineering report that described the jail as well [...]

Feb 24, 2023 on
Atul Explains Vote Against Jail Recommendations