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Citizen Journalist and Editor • Member since Jan 11, 2008

Tip Johnson is a longtime citizen interest advocate with a record of public achievement projects for good government and the environment. A lifelong student of government, Tip served two terms on the Bellingham City Council and has worked on many community boards and committees. He travelled with the Federal Transit Administration and Department of Commerce on mass transit trade missions in SE Asia and Africa before settling down to focus on keeping public interests at the fore of local government and the course of growth and development.

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Dead or Alive: How do you like your herring?

By Tip JohnsonOn Jan 18, 2015

Bob Watters, boss of now infamous mouthpiece Craig Coal, has stepped in personally to prop up his crumbling coal dump investment scam.  This follows Lummi official Tim Ballew's [...]

Prosecutor McEachran Calls Racism Charge “Preposterous”

By Tip JohnsonOn Nov 23, 2014

We are still waiting to see how many votes Nymia the Dog garnered in her write-in campaign for County Prosecutor.  We do know that there were about 76,000 ballots cast [...]


By Tip JohnsonOn Nov 01, 2014

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, Western's Black Student Union held an event called “Getting Real: A discussion about Ferguson and Racial Profiling” .  There seems to be plenty to [...]

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"Karlberg, you’re full of scrap metal.  If you are going to start off by making fun of the author’s name, I suggest you reconsider swallowing [...]

Jun 13, 2024 on
The Scrap Heap - The Real Message

"While the law does not prohibit building a single family home, we can presume that the county will now tax such properties at a multi-family, highest-and-best-use rate, making it economically [...]

Jun 13, 2024 on
The Wealth Of Real Estate Corporations Is Not Our Purpose For Being

"  The first nhood based comp plan was adopted around 1980, estabishing the nhoods as planning units for the city. More than forty years of nhood driven revisions and updates have [...]

Jun 11, 2024 on
The Wealth Of Real Estate Corporations Is Not Our Purpose For Being

"Here’s the NTSB report https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/PAR0202.pdf

Jun 10, 2024 on
A Walking Tour at the Core of the Explosion

"Estimated 236,000 gallons https://www.cerc.usgs.gov/orda_docs/CaseDetails?ID=1012

Jun 09, 2024 on
The Audio of the Pipeline Explosion