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Tip Johnson

Writer • Member since Jan 11, 2008

Tip Johnson is a longtime citizen interest advocate with a record of public achievement projects for good government and the environment. A lifelong student of government, Tip served two terms on the Bellingham City Council and has worked on many community boards and committees. He travelled with the Federal Transit Administration and Department of Commerce on mass transit trade missions in SE Asia and Africa before settling down to focus on keeping public interests at the fore of local government and the course of growth and development.

Articles by Tip Johnson

Something Stinks at the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

By Tip JohnsonOn May 10, 2017

Something smells, but it is not just the screened sewage pouring into Bellingham Bay since early Saturday morning. A report at the City of Bellingham’s website says a “pipe [...]

That Big, Flat, Rural Jail or Regional Detention Center?

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 29, 2016

I don’t really know Amy Glasser, but I’m starting to like her. She recently sent a letter to the County Council, asking some pointed questions about the highly [...]

The missing Link

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 15, 2016

Bellingham periodically considers new “signature events”. These typically involve lodging taxes and are designed to encourage overnight stays by tourists Last time around, it ended up being the Bellingham Waterfront [...]

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Recent comments

"COB has just started replacig a waterline from Donovan at Old Farihaven Parkway that will extend eventually under the Freeway up to 34th or 36th, don’t recall.  Seems [...]

Mar 18, 2018 on
12 Questions (Michael Lilliquist Interview)

"Can’t even hold my nose tight enough for this one.  Certainly hope Inslee makes them override a veto. After that, it would be very nice to know who [...]

Feb 26, 2018 on
What Are Our Lawmakers Hiding?

"Didn’t see anyone call Ayers a racist, rather that the article contained some basic racist precepts. Bruce knows better than he wrote. He served on the city council and [...]

Jan 15, 2018 on
Racism Is Still With Us In Whatcom County

"I agree the article is racist.  Concerns for “Potential water policy, law enforcement, county jail, taxation, Cherry Point and other land use policy to name a few” [...]

Jan 15, 2018 on
Racism Is Still With Us In Whatcom County
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