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Citizen Journalist and Editor • Member since Jan 11, 2008

Tip Johnson is a longtime citizen interest advocate with a record of public achievement projects for good government and the environment. A lifelong student of government, Tip served two terms on the Bellingham City Council and has worked on many community boards and committees. He travelled with the Federal Transit Administration and Department of Commerce on mass transit trade missions in SE Asia and Africa before settling down to focus on keeping public interests at the fore of local government and the course of growth and development.

Articles by Tip Johnson

Will City Double-Down to Kill Public Trail?

By Tip JohnsonOn Jan 24, 2021

Somehow an application to abandon the public’s right to a 26-year old trail in Happy Valley got through the Technical Review Committee (TRC), made it to Hearing Examiner Sharon [...]

“Culture of Fear” at Western

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 29, 2020

A job at Western might be a cush crib for some, but it’s become something of a horror show for the University’s top watchdog, now dead. An article [...]

Dirty Deal at Douglas and 21st

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 02, 2020

Update Dec 8: Last night the Bellingham City Council did not give final approval to the street vacation request, but sent it back to the Hearing Examiner for further review. I [...]

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"It will be unfortunate to have to go through this exercise again. When city staff colluded to vacate right-of-ways around Hoag’s Pond to benefit a retiring public works [...]

Apr 30, 2021 on
Mayor Is Asked To Preserve Trail

" No doubt some require or could benefit from a highly managed housing situation but I agree with the author that most will better build their transitional capacity through direct [...]

Mar 20, 2021 on
The Battle for Bellingham's Tiny Homes

"Ms, Steen,  In my first response to your comment, I tried to give credit to the quality of your understanding of homeless issues, but maybe over-challenged a couple others.&[...]

Feb 01, 2021 on
City Hall Clutches its Pearls

"Diane, OK, I have not been nearly so involved, and thank you for your effort.  I do try to pay attention.No, I do not condone interrupting the press, [...]

Jan 29, 2021 on
City Hall Clutches its Pearls

"I write a bit about contentious local issues and, like other writers on NWCitizen, I try to avoid facile name calling to make my points. So when Ms. Steen calls [...]

Jan 29, 2021 on
City Hall Clutches its Pearls