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"There is a great little spot in Glacier where I spent many days of my childhood playing in the creek. I visit that spot from time to time. I have [...]

Jul 02, 2021 on
Save the Whales - Bellingham’s $40mm Padden Creek Joke

"I am in favor of maintaining pedestrian friendly rights-of-way, but it seems to me that we are trying to find solutions to a housing crisis right now. Is there not [...]

May 01, 2021 on
Mayor Is Asked To Preserve Trail

"You say no one was shot. But, in fact, one person was shot. I guess it remains to be seen exactly where the shooting took place, but this seems as [...]

Jan 07, 2021 on
The Same Door - Six Hours Apart

"Thanks for helping move us, as a community, forward with a plan for improving access to broadband. As you mention briefly (and as I would argue will further efforts to [...]

Oct 25, 2020 on
Secret Telecom Lovers Part 2: Been Caught Cheating

"You’re just very argumentative and, frankly, off-putting. I’m just basing my comments on what I’ve read that you have written. You seem paranoid and [...]

Oct 19, 2020 on
Interim Public Works Director Forbids Climate & Energy Manager Discussing Telecom and Dig Once