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Tom Pratum is a native Whatcom County resident, having arrived at St Josephs Hospital, and having attended Lowell, Fairhaven, and Sehome High Schools. He later obtained a PhD in Physical Chemistry at UC-Berkeley and worked as a research scientist at UW for 15 years. In 2000 he returned and now lives just outside the city limits with his wife Peggy and their two cats and two dogs. He has been a board member of North Cascades Audubon since 2001, and has taught part time in the WWU Chemistry Department since 2004.

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Whatcom County Budget Shell Game

By Tom PratumOn Nov 05, 2009

Not surprising to most readers is the fact that Whatcom County has a relatively large general fund budget hole to plug. I wrote about this in July, and commented on [...]

Is Whatcom County Government ‘Frugal’?

By Tom PratumOn Jul 20, 2009

We have heard for years about how our county has been prudent in its expenditures and exhibited only the best in financial stewardship. The only proof - as far as [...]

Stillman Creek: Real Possibility or Scare Tactic?

By Tom PratumOn Sep 17, 2008

This past winter, during torrential rains to the South of us, there were some very serious slides on Weyerhaeuser land in Lewis County adjacent to Stillman Creek (a tributary of [...]

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WWU Prof Easterbrook on Global Warming

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