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"I don’t quite get why the conservatives dislike the present three-district system.  It is true that in the most recent elections conservatives came up short on the County [...]

Jul 07, 2015 on
Charter Commission Tricks

"Excellent reporting job!  This is not surprising of course, but it sort of undermines Ken Mann’s opponent who, picking up on the point that Ken was born in [...]

Oct 03, 2013 on
How the Coal Industry Funneled $40,000 into Whatcom

"Hi All, This is an interesting analysis but it contains a recurring annoying error: “Doug Ericksen” it is, not “Ericsen.” The trouble with Tom Anderson is he lacks charisma; the [...]

Jul 22, 2011 on
County Exec Fundraising Confounds Pundit Perceptions

"Hi All, From what I can see, nothing that Sam Crawford puts in inappropriate emails would be surprising to most of us if he had done it right.  Sam [...]

May 03, 2011 on
From The Political Junkie: Crawford's Secret Emails

"Larry, thanks for your continued work on this project. Eben Fodor observes in his book “Better, Not Bigger” that planners support the growth machine: “Support for the growth machine often [...]

Oct 28, 2010 on
Open letter to Bellingham Planning Director Jeff Thomas re: Fairhaven Highlands application deadline