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"I am not able to get a current property database from the County. I submitted an affadavit that I would not use it database for commercial reasons but that wasn’[...]

Feb 15, 2020 on
300+ New Units, Zero Affordability

"All Whatcom Count school districts  (and therefore the entire county or 146K voters ) have elections this February 11.  As of this Monday morning (2/3/2020), 19K plus ballots have been returned [...]

Feb 03, 2020 on
More NEW Taxes? No! Just CONTINUED Support for Bellingham Schools

"I think we should not shy away from direct efforts to provide low and moderate income housing, including: (1) Subsidized public housing (2) Rent subsidies (3) Zoning policies that requires some non-trivial amount [...]

Feb 02, 2020 on
300+ New Units, Zero Affordability

"New home buyers are frequently coming from other, higher priced urban areas. If they bring wealth with them, then the market prices will match their demand. But that doesn’t [...]

Feb 01, 2020 on
300+ New Units, Zero Affordability

"Many of the third party vendors are retailing your location information which is real gold for any corporation with teams of engineeers with machine learning skills.  Google does not [...]

Jan 19, 2020 on
Bellingham Parking Fees Go to Volkswagen