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Riley Sweeney, raised in the Pacific Northwest, moved to Bellingham during the Bush years, worked on a cross-section of political campaigns during the Obama years, and then fled to the comfort of public service during the Trump years. Before joining the City of Ferndale as their Communication Officer, he wrote a column with Northwest Citizen and then his own blog, the Political Junkie, where he brought humor, insight and a suspicious amount of pop culture references to Whatcom County political reporting. The archives of that blog are available in the linklog at the bottom of Northwest Citizen. Currently, he lives with his wife Bryna and his two darling children, in the rolling fields of Lynden.

Articles by Riley Sweeney

Masked Resistance

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 05, 2021

We are a year into this pandemic and like most traumatic moments in history, it will soon be boiled down to a single concept in our collective consciousness. In my [...]

How the Party Treats Jeb and Hillary Tells You Everything

By Riley SweeneyOn Feb 26, 2015

I try to shy away from national politics but with the presidential campaigns beginning to heat up, I wanted to share these thoughts about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. First, [...]

Riley’s Top 5 Whatcom Political Stories of 2014

By Riley SweeneyOn Dec 24, 2014

Ralph Schwartz and Samantha Wohlfeil offered their “Top 10 Whatcom Political Stories” in 2014. Take a gander at their list, they have some good picks. In a sign of [...]

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"What a bunch of FANTASTIC choices for the Bellingham Planning Commission. I’ve known both Mike and Iris for many years and trust their judgement completely. I’m so glad [...]

Mar 03, 2017 on
City Planning Commission Transformed

"Adding some more information to this discussion, a group of Black Lives Matters activists have launched “Campaign Zero” that is working to provide actionable policy solutions to the law enforcement [...]

Aug 21, 2015 on
Black Lives Matter, Occupy WS & Whatcom Jail

"We aimed for a sample size of 500 - we did 2,000 calls and previous robopoll efforts had netted a 25% response rate, however in the dead of summer, our response rate was [...]

Jul 29, 2014 on
Northwest Citizen Releases Polling of Whatcom Voters

"While I appreciate your points about a small sample size, that is a fair point there, I reject your premise that someone with a bias is unable to conduct a [...]

Jul 29, 2014 on
Northwest Citizen Releases Polling of Whatcom Voters

"Great article, really cuts right to the point.

May 23, 2014 on
Montana & Wyoming to WA: Permit Coal Export Terminals... Or Else