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"From watching the committee proceedings this afternoon, it appears a done deal.  Parks, Council and Admin all seem to consider this maintenance project as falling under the heading of [...]

Jul 01, 2013 on
Greenways Levy Money Used for AstroTurf

"If replacement of the artificial turf at Civic Field is a legitimate Greenways expense (and I am NOT saying it is) does this mean that repairs at Bayview Cemetery could [...]

Jul 01, 2013 on
Greenways Levy Money Used for AstroTurf

"Dick, Are the developers allowed to restrict rentals to students only?  At the proposed rental rates this project could likely end up something quite different than student housing

Feb 26, 2013 on
University Ridge Student Housing - What is it?

"If Ted Carlson truly “objected to their moonlighting” he should have taken Burdick out of the City’s negotiation process immediately upon learning of their moonlighting.  Without that action [...]

Jan 31, 2012 on
UPDATE: City of Bham Moonlighting Issue - More Documents

"John-I believe that your reply to Hue is not entirely correct.  Mayor Pike issued an eviction order.  It was the duty of the police department to enforce it.&[...]

Dec 31, 2011 on
Some thoughts on the Occupy Bellingham issue