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The Jimmie Pickett Bridge

By Kamalla Rose KaurOn Aug 21, 2017

Wait! Please don’t disappear the name “Pickett” from our day to day public awareness of Bellingham’s/Whatcom’s short history. Instead, let us take this perfect opportunity to [...]

Whatcom County Sikhs Condemn and Grieve Hate Crimes

By Kamalla Rose KaurOn Mar 11, 2017

Kamalla Rose Kaur The entire Sikh Community of Whatcom County joins millions of other Americans all over the nation in condemning the racist attack last Friday on an American Citizen [...]

The Last Lessons of Dr. David T. Mason

By Kamalla Rose KaurOn Mar 21, 2015

Kamalla Kaur has written this personal testimony to WWU and Fairhaven College professor David Mason who died this week on Tuesday, March 17. “I want to send postcards from the edges [...]

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