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Elisabeth Britt

Contributor • Member since Mar 23, 2009

Before becoming a citizen journalist, Elisabeth Britt worked in Olympia as a legislative aide. Locally, she served on the WRIA 1 Planning Unit, the Coordinated Water System Plan and as a state team member for the Federal Lummi Nation Water Rights Negotiations.

In other roles, Britt served as chair of the Public Safety Committee for WDOT Whitewater Amphitheater Blue Ribbon Traffic Safety Commission and sat on the WA State Department of Ecology Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Articles by Elisabeth Britt

See no evil – speak no evil – hear no evil

By Elisabeth BrittOn Jan 21, 2018

Regarding House Concurrent Resolution 4413, now in progress in our state legislature. I’ve been waiting seventeen years for the Washington state Legislature to address incidents of sexual harassment and workplace [...]

Gov Inslee Signs Rural Water Fix Legislation

By Elisabeth BrittOn Jan 19, 2018

Editor note: Governor Inslee signed legislation this morning, Friday, Jan 19, to break the impasse that has frozen new water permits for over a year in rural Whatcom County. Here is [...]

Smear Campaign

By Elisabeth BrittOn May 29, 2017

It seems that an outrageous smear campaign has been launched against a Whatcom County Councilmember, Satpal Sidhu, by a previous Councilmember, Mrs. Kathy Kershner, who ran against Mr. Sidhu in 2015. [...]

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Recent comments

"Here’s the quote from the June 18, 2018 Khmer Times link posted above.  Ericksen and Buys are creating additional confusion and  instablity in a nation that we already [...]

Jul 31, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

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Jul 31, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

"Why on earth would Doug and Vince want to be associated with a dictator who publicly announces that he has promised his political opponents “hell” while advising them to  “[...]

Jul 30, 2018 on
What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

"John, May I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a doctor?  Preferably soon. Because these unfounded personal attacks and accusations are getting way out of hand.  First, [...]

Jun 22, 2018 on
Ali Velshi and the Weaponization of Culture

"Regarding your accusations about my past PDC violation coverage. What a crock of nonsense. I have filed complaints against Republicans, Democrats and non-partisan candidates over the last 20 years. If someone [...]

Jun 20, 2018 on
Ali Velshi and the Weaponization of Culture