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Before becoming a citizen journalist, Elisabeth Britt worked in Olympia as a legislative aide. Locally, she served on the WRIA 1 Planning Unit, the Coordinated Water System Plan and as a state team member for the Federal Lummi Nation Water Rights Negotiations.

In other roles, Britt served as chair of the Public Safety Committee for WDOT Whitewater Amphitheater Blue Ribbon Traffic Safety Commission and sat on the WA State Department of Ecology Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Articles by Elisabeth Britt

Seattle Times to Doug Ericksen: Step Down

By Elisabeth BrittOn May 19, 2019

State Senator Ericksen with Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen. On May 14th the Seattle Times published an editorial titled “Senator Doug Ericksen should break his Cambodia deal or step down.” [...]

What on Earth Is Doug Ericksen Doing In Cambodia?

By Elisabeth BrittOn Jul 28, 2018

Michael Riordan jointly researched and wrote this article with Elisabeth Britt. They have collaborated on several articles and their joint articles can be found in searches under the name of [...]

Updatd: County Council May Try End Run on State Legislature

By Elisabeth BrittOn Feb 06, 2018

Updated January 31, 2018 On January 30th, the Whatcom County Council adopted Interim Ordinance 2018-057 - repealing emergency Ordinance 2017-001 (the County moratorium on drilling permit-exempt wells due to the WA Supreme [...]

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"State Senator Doug Ericksen was recently quoted by Danny Westneat in the Seattle Times calling Congressman Dan Newhouse and Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler “Vichy republicans” because they cast [...]

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The Pandemic and the Presidency

"Danny Westneat recently posted an article stating that clowns like Doug Ericksen and Matt Shea can get away with their creepy activities, because the Republican Caucus just doesn’t [...]

May 22, 2019 on
Seattle Times to Doug Ericksen: Step Down

"Thank you, Dick. For your professional insight on Prime Minister Hun Sen’s past. According to Human Rights Watch:  In 1970, Hun Sen joined the ‘Khmer Rouge’ after [...]

May 20, 2019 on
Seattle Times to Doug Ericksen: Step Down