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Before becoming a citizen journalist, Elisabeth Britt worked in Olympia as a legislative aide. Locally, she served on the WRIA 1 Planning Unit, the Coordinated Water System Plan and as a state team member for the Federal Lummi Nation Water Rights Negotiations.

In other roles, Britt served as chair of the Public Safety Committee for WDOT Whitewater Amphitheater Blue Ribbon Traffic Safety Commission and sat on the WA State Department of Ecology Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Articles by Elisabeth Britt

Reality Just Got Less…True

By Elisabeth BrittOn Oct 18, 2022

Imagine that just as voters are receiving their ballots in the mail, a video of a local candidate, caught in a compromising situation, surfaces on popular social media sites. Is [...]

Washington State Senator Simon Sefzik

By Elisabeth BrittOn Jan 11, 2022

Simon Sefzik of Ferndale was appointed to serve as state senator for the 42nd Legislative District by the Whatcom County Council earlier today. He replaces Senator Doug Ericksen who passed [...]

COVID-19 Internment Camps

By Elisabeth BrittOn Jan 11, 2022

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a friend informing me that state Democrats have introduced a bill (WAC 246-100) in Olympia that would authorize local health officers to confine [...]

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"Here’s an example of what might be defined as parody by SB 5817. Earlier today, I found a Facebook media/news page, titled The Salish Duck. We don’t [...]

Oct 22, 2022 on
Reality Just Got Less…True

"Great question, Dick. The bill summary states that the disclosure must state that the media has been manipulated; and when appearing in: Visual media, be printed in at least the [...]

Oct 19, 2022 on
Reality Just Got Less…True

"Pearl, According to the Wink Wink website,  It’s legal for people under the age of 18 to shop in the store and purchase merchandise. No ID required. The [...]

Jul 10, 2022 on
School Board Member Offers Kids' Sex Classes

"  On January 13th, The Seattle Times published an excellent article by Jim Brunner and Elise Takahama titled, Protesters descend on WA Board of Health after misinformation about vaccine [...]

Jan 14, 2022 on
COVID-19 Internment Camps

"Thank you, Carol, for sharing this information with us. I agree, urban community green settings lower stress, anxiety and depression for those individuals who frequent them. 

Sep 11, 2021 on
Douglas Ave. Trail vs. the American Disability Act