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Saving Blanchard Mountain

By Ken WilcoxOn Oct 03, 2009

[This is an updated and abridged version of an article published earlier this year in The Wild Cascades, journal of the North Cascades Conservation Council] Controversy is still stewing at [...]

Wooden Boats

By Ken WilcoxOn Sep 11, 2009

Whatever happened to the building of wooden boats on Bellingham Bay? The tradition and the history are rich here, as people like myself, oblivious to the craft, learned recently at [...]

Word to the Wild #4:  Watery Walks for Rainy Days

By Ken WilcoxOn Sep 04, 2009

McMillan Spire in the North Cascades’ Picket Range has been on my peak-baggers to-do list since the 1980s. Barely a week ago, three friends and I finally locked in plans [...]

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"Hugh, thanks for posting the link.. been a long time and fun to read it again.  This latest bit about Rocket Donuts makes for an interesting epilogue.  Kris [...]

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Earth Day Alert: Rocket Donuts to throw Fairhaven trees in the Deepfry

"Speaking of barnstorming, what’s it gonna take to increase the commission to five seats?  Seems like a worthy cause that comes up in conversation occasionally, but doesn’t [...]

Jun 13, 2009 on
Barnstorming for Port Reform