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Michael has lived in Bellingham since 1968. He retired from his job at Whatcom County Parks after 20 years of service in 2015.

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"Thank you, Dick. As a member of the forces that resisted the draft during the Viet Nam era and worked hard to bring you guys home, I appreciate the [...]

Nov 12, 2022 on
A Civilian Speaks To Veterans

"To the Schooldistricts credit, after several discussions with me and others, the District agreed to change the building plans for 2 schools to eliminate natural gas heating systems.

Jan 25, 2022 on
No Commitment To Sustainability = No Votes

"Amanda Fleming, “Just move”. I guess that I should tell that solution to my grandaughter who has worked as a CNA for 9 years(now in nursing school) and endured the [...]

Oct 18, 2021 on
Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice

"Somebody is responsible. Some more than others. And a racist colonialist system lives on.

Oct 15, 2021 on
A Rout Is A Rout Is A Rout

"Scott I believe that I clearly outlined my solution for workforce(not Middle class)housing succinctly in my quote that you entered above followed by your snarky ‘OMG!’ I [...]

Oct 15, 2021 on
Don’t Confuse Housing Affordability with Housing Choice