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Michael Chiavario

Contributor • Member since Feb 08, 2009

Articles by Michael Chiavario

Whatcom County Government Employees Need Grievance System

By Michael ChiavarioOn Oct 21, 2016

Michael Chiavario writes about our county parks department. Michael has lived in Bellingham since 1968. He retired from his job at Whatcom County Parks after 20 years of service in 2015. Note: On [...]

Recent comments

"No John, you don’t get to make this decree when you brought up the subject of zoning and two people responded about the issue of zoning. By including information [...]

Dec 16, 2018 on
Gene Knutson Not Running for Mayor

"Tim,  The DADU ordinance does nothing to destroy nieghborhoods The DADU ordinance ordinance does nort exempt any neighborhoods, however some neighborhoods with existing covenants exempted themselves  from [...]

Dec 16, 2018 on
Gene Knutson Not Running for Mayor

"John, please provide evidence of a ‘movement’ or statements of intent from either April Barker or Dan Hammill that they want to eliminate single family zoning.

Dec 14, 2018 on
Gene Knutson Not Running for Mayor

"Thanks, John. I hope that a group of folks with journalistic ethics as their guide and muckraking and visioning as their goal can step up to keep the site going.

May 14, 2018 on
A time to change NW Citizen ownership

"Anne there is a difference between ‘shedding light’ and slinging mud. If one wants ones side of a community dialogue to maintain credibility, mudslinging is not the way to do [...]

Jan 23, 2018 on
YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?
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