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Matt Petryni

Closed Account • Member since Jan 29, 2009

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"These kind of comments are absurd, to say the least. I remember back in 2005 at the height of the housing bubble, our city and county public officials were under tremendous [...]

Jul 11, 2012 on
Oh no! Whatcom population sees slow growth

"Ham, I need to make sure I’m understanding this article. Are you arguing that, as a result of the controversy around “Climate-gate,” the scientific theory on greenhouse forcing has [...]

Mar 03, 2010 on
The Way I See It - The Fall of Science

"John, one question on this piece: while I certainly agree this is the organization structure that appears to be at work (as usual), is this something you’ve developed to [...]

Oct 29, 2009 on
Local Right Wing campaign operating plan

"A “hit piece” is a generally irrelevant negative campaign ad. For example: the mailer I got today from the Michelle Luke campaign trying to put blame (or at least, implying [...]

Oct 29, 2009 on
What is a hit piece?

"I totally agree that this appointment was not a very good one. While this pales in comparison to the outright corporate lobbyist takeover of government policy we experienced under the [...]

Sep 16, 2009 on
Food Safety Czar