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"Thanks for expanding your comments Nick. Here’s some background to the South Neighborhood growth since the 1980 Neighborhood plans were established(which includes the bogus upzone of the woods that [...]

Feb 04, 2013 on
The Big Picture on Chuckanut Ridge

"Thanks for response Nick and Bill. Nick, sorry to put you on the spot.  I, too, don’t often respond to these forums, but am thankful that NW Citizen [...]

Feb 02, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

"  Well, I guess US Secretary of State William Seward ran up against the same kind of wall when he advocated the purchase of Alaskan territory from Russia in 1867.  [...]

Feb 01, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

"Surprised to find another guest columnist rehashing the same mis-information. Sorry Margi, but this IS a vote to keep the forest intact.  And, in response to your assertion that [...]

Jan 31, 2013 on
It Is Not a Vote to Save The Forest

"  O Wise Owl, I’m all for pursuing the TDR concept AFTER the Parks District is established.  I’m sure the citizens and commissioners would be happy to [...]

Jan 30, 2013 on
Wise Owl Knows What to Do