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"John, The essence of democracy is that the better informed the citizens are, the better the choices they will make with their votes. Thank you for providing this forum and [...]

Feb 02, 2013 on
A note from the publisher

"Delaine, The Chuckanut Community Forest is what is called a perched watershed. It is above the developed land all around it. The quality of the wetlands are due to the [...]

Feb 02, 2013 on
Chuckanut Mountains and the Park District

"The purpose of forming the Chuckanut Community Forest District is to repay the loan acquired to complete the purchase and secure the permanent protection of the park. The candidates for [...]

Feb 01, 2013 on
Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

" Here are statements from 6 candidates who are committed to the single purpose of paying off the loan at the stated rate of $28/$100,000 Assessed Value for 10 years and preserving the property [...]

Jan 31, 2013 on
It Is Not a Vote to Save The Forest

"Two more public meetings were held last Wednesday and Thursday to provide information to folks who wanted to learn more or discuss the proposed Chuckanut Community Forest District. On Thursday [...]

Jan 27, 2013 on
Why to vote NO on proposed Park District