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Nancy Grayum is a retired educator, administrator and technical writer/copy editor. Raised in Vancouver Washington and residing in Bellingham since 1965, she enjoys reading and creative writing, lifelong friends, gardening, hiking in the foothills, and volunteering with Friends of Broadway Park and Whatcom Land Trust.

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"The elevation styles of seating in City Hall Chambers indeed puts us all in our place. Time for a 21st Century Do-Over. There are so many great design options [...]

Aug 23, 2018 on
Citizen/City Dialogue - A Myth

"Well put Larry, and all of the above. Very grateful for your work John.

Nov 08, 2017 on
Election Night Notes

"My reply from the Bells below: Hi Nancy, Thank you for reaching out to us! We really appreciate feedback from our neighbors and fellow community members.  It is never [...]

Jun 16, 2017 on
Bellingham Bells - Stop The Fireworks

"I soooo agree, Dick. My letter written May 22 appears below. I can post the Bells’ reply in another comment. Greetings Stephanie, and best wishes on a successful season.  We [...]

Jun 16, 2017 on
Bellingham Bells - Stop The Fireworks

"Late to this discussion, but had this on the back burner:   In 2004 Washington State established primary elections for presidential candidates. The Democratic party in Washington State has refused [...]

Mar 15, 2017 on
Wither Goes the DNC?