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"  I was informed at the “open house” meeting at Roosevelt Elementary by two people in positions to know that the next phase will be to punch North Street through [...]

Apr 11, 2014 on
Roosevelt Neighborhood Pleads for Left Turns

"  I’ve lived in the Silver beach area for 25 years now. I know this because we were moving into Bellingham from the South Fork Valley in 1989 when the exxon [...]

Apr 01, 2014 on
My State of the Lake Report for 2014

"The Number One Reason universal health care is needed is that’s the way disease works. Tip, I thank You for the above submission.

Nov 14, 2013 on
Noballmacare and Setting the False Standard

"  Naive me! I was hoping that the power generation idea using Nooksack (Middle Fork)/ Whatcom water would just go away…..but in fact a $750,000 “clean air” grant was recently [...]

Apr 07, 2013 on
Living Wage and Working Waterfront 101

"  “Surplus water”....not so much.   The problems with Lake Whatcom as a viable drinking water source are largely non-point. Likewise, the solutions are largely non-point. That is to [...]

Mar 26, 2013 on
Living Wage and Working Waterfront 101