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Voting recommendations for the Primary Election

Mail your ballot before Tuesday, Sept 19 (or by 5 pm that day if you want to take a chance).

Mary Kay Becker
- re-elect her as a judge to the Appeals Court. Her opponent, Teichert, is ba

Mail your ballot before Tuesday, Sept 19 (or by 5 pm that day if you want to take a chance).

Mary Kay Becker
- re-elect her as a judge to the Appeals Court. Her opponent, Teichert, is ba

Mail your ballot before Tuesday, Sept 19 (or by 5 pm that day if you want to take a chance).

Mary Kay Becker
- re-elect her as a judge to the Appeals Court. Her opponent, Teichert, is basically a right wing, extreme property rights pawn who is bought and paid for by the developers. He has never been a judge. Mary Kay has provided fair and knowledgeable service and is respected by virtually all the state judges. This position will be elected in the Primary Election, so be sure and vote.

For State Supreme Court, we want to re-elect chief justice Gerry Alexander over John Groen. Alexander has served well and more importantly, Groen has never been a judge and is another extreme right winger paid for by the big development interests. This position will also be elected in the Primary Election.

Vote for re-election of the other two Supreme Court justices, Tom Chambers and Susan Owens. Both are good judges and again, their opponents, Stephen Johnson and Jeanette Burrage, are far right zealots who are not really qualified to even be judges at the County level. Johnson has never been a judge and is well known in the state legislature as an extremist on the religious right. Burrage has horrible ratings from attorneys and other judges. Chambers position will be decided in the Primary Election, while Owens may go to the General if she does not win a majority.

If conservatives want to win seats on our higher courts then they should put forward qualified candidates who have served as judges, have decent peer reviews from practicing attorneys and have some independence. That will only happen after the Republican party breaks away from the control of the hell and damnation fundamentalist religious right and of narrow interest big money PACs.

Regarding the partisan offices - I'm not even voting in this charade of an election process. The Republicans and Democrats have rigged this so badly that I will vote for my representatives only in the General Election in November. Besides, the results are a dead lock already because the two parties work together. Your vote here is useless. Save it for November. The parties just want to use us for a polling process (at taxpayer expense) to assess their chances in November and decide how much money to throw at their candidates. But do vote for the judges.

Voting recommendations for the Primary Election

By John ServaisOn Sep 08, 2006

Mail your ballot before Tuesday, Sept 19 (or by 5 pm that day if you want to take a chance).

Mary Kay Becker
- re-elect her as a judge to the Appeals Court. Her opponent, Teichert, is ba

Who wants to be mayor

By John ServaisOn Sep 03, 2006

and what political gaming is being played to best position a candidate for the big election in the fall of 2007? I will be doing my best to sort this out for you over the next few weeks.


Some clarification is needed here

By John ServaisOn Aug 30, 2006

Gene Knutson is not knowingly part of any arrangement by Mark to succeed him as mayor. Below in yesterday’s post I suggested just that but today I’ve been convinced that Gene is personally on the up a

A sweet dirty move

By John ServaisOn Aug 29, 2006

Bellingham Mayor Mark Asmundson submitted his resignation today, effective Nov 1. My my. He continues an old corrupt practice of Whatcom County - resigning a year before his last term is up - at elect

Are we being conditioned to hate Iran?

By John ServaisOn Aug 27, 2006

Yes. Is there truth in what we are being told by our corporate media and the Bush administration? No. Want an example of a lie and some truths that you are not being told? Then read Juan Cole’s blog p

Fair voting. Instant Runoff voting

By John ServaisOn Aug 24, 2006

What might be the biggest political issue of the next two years is - voting. Fair voting. Instant Runoff voting. The elimination of the crooked Diebold electronic voting machines and bringing in the u

Is criticism of Israel also implied criticism of Jews?

By John ServaisOn Aug 22, 2006

Especially American Jews? Does this show a prejudice against Jewish persons? Racism? Anti-Semite feelings?

Of course I say no, but then the knowing smiles greet me. It has been suggested to me

Hezbolah not a terrorism group

By John ServaisOn Aug 19, 2006

Today, Israel broke the UN cease fire agreement with a helicopter raid into northern Lebanon - along with fighter jets bombing the area. Why mention this? Because it fits the pattern over the many yea

Probably the most informed and reliable political columnist in the state

By John ServaisOn Aug 14, 2006

You can see a new link at the top of this page - to the writing of Joel Connelly, a Seattle PI columnist. His column normally appears each Mon, Wed and Friday. He should be helpful to us progressives

Fair voting in this country is a myth

By John ServaisOn Aug 10, 2006

A fraud, more exactly. How did Bush get elected a second time? We may learn 20 or 40 years from now that it was the Diebold electronic voting machines that were ‘tweaked’ for final election results in

Joe Lieberman’s website crash

By John ServaisOn Aug 08, 2006

Lieberman lost. This is very good news for America. Hope that perhaps we Americans will overwhelm the forces of war in this country.

If you are a geek, this might be interesting. Joe L blamed h

In case you didn’t know

By John ServaisOn Aug 06, 2006

  • given US media skewed news - the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on July 12 took place inside Lebanon - not Israel. The Israeli army routinely has violated the peace agreement by sending patrols

What is the US doing?

By John ServaisOn Aug 05, 2006

Juan Cole’s Informed Comment blog has it in a nutshell today. Check the Aug 5 post in his archive if you click this link after today. Israel is destroying Lebanon and grinding down the spirit of the p

We have not addressed the cause

By John ServaisOn Jul 31, 2006

So Mel Gibson is a racist - and his denials of being anti-Jewish with his film “The Passion of Christ” are quite false. Many claim it provides a very anti-semitic slant - and now we know why. Mel spen

How the US manipulates world events

By John ServaisOn Jul 26, 2006

Long but good article on how the US manipulates world events so as to go to war with other countries. Iraq and now Iran.

Did you know that for years, Israel and Hezbolah have traded prisoners a

Alice in Wonderland

By John ServaisOn Jul 24, 2006

Sec of State Rice visits Lebanon and offers $30 million to help relieve the destruction and death there that is caused by $hundreds of millions of US dollars in bombs given to Israel to destroy Lebano

Don’t expect to see this on Fox

By John ServaisOn Jul 23, 2006

Lebanese fleeing the Israelis - as ordered by Israel - are being strafed and bombed by the Israelis.

Nice war. An early October surprise. Takes the losing war in Iraq off the front pages. The

Israel has never wanted peace

By John ServaisOn Jul 22, 2006

Conservative Pat Buchanan has it right in his column posted Thursday. We should not be supporting Israel in its war of destruction of Lebanon. He rips up the extreme right wing-nuts who support Israel

Follow the money

By John ServaisOn Jul 21, 2006

The USA try and stop the Mid East war? Don’t kid yourself. We are air-shipping more bombs to Israel - bombs that will help destroy the city of Beirut and kill more civilians - women and children. No m

Israel has concocted another war

By John ServaisOn Jul 20, 2006

The pogrom to prevent a Palestinian State continues. Terror and murder are the normal weapons. Again the chance to form a nation and live normally is being destroyed by Israel. This is the plan and we

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