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Aliens Return Fairhaven’s Mail Collection Box

Bellingham continues to have its mail dropoff options changed willy-nilly.

Bellingham continues to have its mail dropoff options changed willy-nilly.


[Update: July 10th at 2:15pm.  Aliens have returned and painted the curb yellow in front of the mailbox which eliminates a portion of the street parking area and will now allow for cars to pull up temporarily to deposit mail.]  

We now have proof that aliens listen to our communications, since Fairhaven's mail collection box has resurfaced without warning.  I reported on its abduction by aliens in a previous article entitled  “Aliens Abduct Bellingham Mail Collection Box.” Unfortunately, the box has reappeared on the east side of 12th St where there is no place to pull to the curb temporarily to deposit a letter, as there was on the west side of the street. The box is, well let us say “boxed in," by parked cars and bike racks as if to fend off people who actually want to mail a letter. The new box is much smaller than the other one (did they shrink it?) and looks as if it has had a coat of paint that includes some white splotches reminiscent of bird guano. The splotch was likely added to make it appear that the box has been there FOREVER, collecting bird poop, and not across the street where citizens had easy access. So postal service users using this particular box will find it hard to use and as a consequence the United States Postal Service will declare the box as being used infrequently, justifying its complete removal. 

Somehow all of this has the flavor of the downstream effects of Postmaster General Louis (Baffle Faced*) DeJoy's well-known efforts to kill the USPS by burying it in the sand at ebb tide and letting the rising tide do its dirty work during the dark of night. This poltroon has been around long enough in the U.S. government and it is time to get rid of the guy.  Here is an explanation of why this poseur is still occupying a seat at a USG-owned desk:  Louis DeJoy Is Still Postmaster General, But How?  

I will keep a sharp eye on this collection box and report further shenanigans posthaste. 

*Nota bene:  I refer to DeJoy as being Baffle Faced as he always carries with him an image of bafflement, not unlike Tucker Carlson or Neil Cavuto on Fox Nooze. These are visages demonstrating little comprehension of what is taking place around them as if people talking to them were no more than bothersome gnats creating a buzzing in their ears.

Comments by Readers

Scott Wicklund

Jul 08, 2021

Who made the call to move the box?  Now there is no way to park and drop off mail.  No yellow curb.  Cars parked in front of box plus a curb bulb.  Was this a suggestion from City Planners?


Dick Conoboy

Jul 08, 2021


I truly do not know who makes these decisions.  I read somewhere that removal or repositioning is done only after a public hearing but where and with whom, I don’t know.  Let me check with Public Works.  After all the ROW belongs to the city.


Dick Conoboy

Jul 19, 2021


My query over a week ago to public works about this mail box move has gone unanswered. 



Aliens Return Fairhaven’s Mail Collection Box

By Dick ConoboyOn Jul 07, 2021

Bellingham continues to have its mail dropoff options changed willy-nilly.

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