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Expect a partial veto

The ‘Top 2’ primary election bill has a poison pill in it. Our legislators tonight have changed just three words that will allow the Republican and Democratic party bosses to successfully challenge th

The ‘Top 2’ primary election bill has a poison pill in it. Our legislators tonight have changed just three words that will allow the Republican and Democratic party bosses to successfully challenge th

The 'Top 2' primary election bill has a poison pill in it. Our legislators tonight have changed just three words that will allow the Republican and Democratic party bosses to successfully challenge the law should Gov. Locke sign the bill. Ahh - but the legislators have worded the bill so Locke can veto parts of the bill and allow the Montana primary to take effect even before a political party lawsuit. A poison pill. I'm watching them live on ch. 23 right now.

Your elected legislators are congratulating themselves right now on their crafting a bill that can be dismantled by the governor and then defeated by the political parties. They are openly stating these two possibilities. The have crafted a primary process that the party bosses want and wrapped it in 'Top 2' decorated paper that can be torn off and thrown away. I could be wrong - but that is what it looks like to me.

The Senate has passed the bill 36 to 12. Brandland voted for and Spanel voted against the bill. Both of them know their votes are a sham and the bill caters to the political parties. It now goes to Gov. Locke. Expect a partial veto.

8:00 am
The State Legislature is very silent on the fate of SB6453, the Primary Election bill. See below for prologue. Nothing in today's Bham Herald. The Seattle Times tells how the House worded the subsection allowing a Montana-style primary to allow Gov. Locke to veto the good primary process and allow the undemocratic election - one that allows the two political party bosses to control our elections. How cute.

The legislative website gives no information for events yesterday, nor any agenda for today. I haven't the time this morning to make the usual phone calls to staffers in Olympia to learn the off-the-record information. That is right. Last time I used a staffer's name she caught hell. Not supposed to tell us citizens what is happening.

What is happening? We are paying through our taxes for political party bosses to meet behind closed doors in our government buildings with our elected representatives to hack out a law that will deprive us of our democracy. Spanel, Linville - you can bet your bleeding-heart liberals are shoulder to shoulder with right-wingers Ericksen and Brandland to work out a bill that gets them off the hook and allows the political parties to prevail.

Tomorrow the legislature is scheduled to adjourn. The bill - in some form - will go to Gov. Locke. He threatens to veto any democracy-based primary election sections. He will leave the sections creating primaries controlled by the political parties. He is in the pocket of the of the political bosses.

What is our hope? The fear that our representatives have of us voters next November if they do not give us the 'Top 2' primary process. I urge you to phone your representative this morning and express your support for democracy and the 'Top 2' primary election process. Even 3 or 4 phone calls generated from this website will have a positive effect.

Expect a partial veto

By John ServaisOn Mar 10, 2004

The ‘Top 2’ primary election bill has a poison pill in it. Our legislators tonight have changed just three words that will allow the Republican and Democratic party bosses to successfully challenge th

Voting against democracy

By John ServaisOn Mar 09, 2004

We have Kelli Linville and Doug Ericksen voting against democracy and for the iron grip of the two political parties on our election process. Shame on them.

Quall and Morris voted for the ‘Top

They always say they “suspended the rules”

By John ServaisOn Mar 09, 2004

SB6453 passed the House late this evening by a vote of 51 to 46. Now - if Gov. Locke will just sign it. More when we have more facts. The morning papers should cover it decently.

Kelli Linville

Democracy on the line

By John ServaisOn Mar 04, 2004

On Friday morning at 8 am, the WA House committee on government will hold a hearing on the “Top 2” primary election bill - Senate Bill 6453. This is the hot bill this legislative session. The House wi

Top 2 primary election bill, SB6453

By John ServaisOn Mar 03, 2004

  • Senate Bill number 6453 - has passed the Washington State Senate by a vote of 28 to 20. This is the primary that allows citizens to vote for whom they want to represent them - the good primary.

Traffic and Western Washington University

By John ServaisOn Mar 01, 2004

If WWU gets their way, $20 million in state taxes will be spent on jack-hammering out good roads and building new ones a hundred yards away. No increase in safety nor traffic movement. A big in

Democracy or Oligarchy?

By John ServaisOn Feb 24, 2004

Empty and rigged voting system or citizens choosing their representatives? Which will our state legislators choose? The US Supreme Court on Monday made final the requirement that our state legislature

OK, let’s update things here

By John ServaisOn Feb 19, 2004

Dean link is moved down as his website will continue to push for change in this country. Kucinich link is at top as he needs to be heard and paid attention to. Kerry - not a great candidate and not a

Benzene in Lake Whatcom water

By John ServaisOn Feb 13, 2004

We see 1/100 of one part per billion or less of benzene to water during most of the year 2000 and into the spring of 2001. Then in the summer we see the amount rise by ten fold to over 1/10 of one par

Not political conservative but real conservative

By John ServaisOn Feb 12, 2004

Motor boats off Lake Whatcom? What was that apology from City Senior Planner Chris Spens at the city council on Monday? El-bull-in-china-shop Chris got the word from el mayor that the motor-boat initi

Mercury, anyone?

By John ServaisOn Feb 09, 2004

We have mercury contamination all over our county. That we know. Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay. Georgia Pacific’s chlorine plant leaked mercury for about 35 years and neither GP nor our environmenta

Well, good luck to Kerry

By John ServaisOn Feb 08, 2004

He will certainly have my support if he gets the nomination. And it looks like the Democratic party machine will give him that at the convention in Boston next July.

That said, it is really a m

Is Kerry a Dukakis2?

By John ServaisOn Feb 06, 2004

Let’s hope the Democrats select Howard Dean at their caucuses tomorrow in Washington State. Let’s select the guy with the best potential to beat Bush. And let’s hope we get a Cajun primary from our St

Why does Howard Dean have

By John ServaisOn Feb 05, 2004

a much better chance of beating Bush than John Kerry? Because Kerry will be tarred and feathered by the Republicans if he is the nominee. Kerry is a guy who puts effort into his image and little into

George Bush AWOL?

By John ServaisOn Feb 04, 2004

Hell, he was a deserter. Now, now. It is quite true. I’ve been through this several times over three years now with conservative friends. They end up changing the subject or getting all excited about

Western needs common sense

By John ServaisOn Feb 03, 2004

Know how to stop Western Washington University from repeatedly trying to destroy the neighborhoods around it? By limiting its potential size and by starting a new university in Everett or Port Angeles

No ad on CBS Super Bowl

By John ServaisOn Feb 02, 2004

CBS said ad too controversial for Americans
Super Bowl is nice family occasion
FCC refused to speak out or monitor CBS
Ad with horse farting in woman’s face is OK
Ad with dog biting man on

We should speak out against this secret giveaway

By John ServaisOn Jan 29, 2004

Am adding a link to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation down in the Reference section. They post fiscal information on government agencies, state and local. They are the folks who uncovered the hundreds

Super Bowl ad ‘too controversial’

By John ServaisOn Jan 27, 2004 has a TV ad about the huge national deficit that George W is giving us. They have raised the million or more dollars to run it during the Super Bowl broadcast this coming Sunday. But - CBS

A new local conservative website

By John ServaisOn Jan 24, 2004

The Town Crier has a nicely improved home page which lists all articles with dates of publication. This Bellingham-based website is worth your checking for a more conservative viewpoint. You can find

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