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Rove is behind the Kerry attack ads

The Bush campaign machine’s smear of Kerry’s service record is beginning to backfire. Soon, when attention is turned to Bush’s record, watch the Republicans scream foul. None screamed as lies were tol

The Bush campaign machine’s smear of Kerry’s service record is beginning to backfire. Soon, when attention is turned to Bush’s record, watch the Republicans scream foul. None screamed as lies were tol

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The Bush campaign machine's smear of Kerry's service record is beginning to backfire. Soon, when attention is turned to Bush's record, watch the Republicans scream foul. None screamed as lies were told about Kerry, but if the truth is told about Bush then they - being chicken, draft-dodging Republicans - will scream.

William Rood, who served with Kerry, has written for the first time in 35 years to back up what Kerry says happened. And put the lie to the Swift Boat group of Viet vets. Go find it in today's news and read it.

I'm a Viet era vet. I volunteered for Vietnam but was told I was needed where I was - helping brief spy planes over Soviet areas. I joined the service before the Gulf of Tonkin and was proud to serve my country. After the service I came to Western on the GI bill and in April '68 came around to opposing the war. I tried hard to help my anti-war friends understand that it was the government, not the service men and women, that was responsible for the war. We vets understood how the system worked.

I respect a draft dodger or escapee to Canada who avoided the war and is up front about it. They saw how unjust the war was and they had no desire to lose their life or limbs for a useless attempt at empire by a corrupt US government. I know that if I had gone to Vietnam that I would have come home a war resister.

But Cheney, Limbaugh, Wolfowitz, Rove, Gingrich and O'Reilly, to name only a few, all avoided military service during Vietnam by one deception or another. Now they send our kids to war. And make no mistake about it - Rove is behind the Kerry attack ads. The supposed leader of today's smear - O'Neill - was secretly recruited by Nixon in 1971 to smear Kerry then. We only got proof a few weeks ago on a released tape recording. Will we wait 30 years for proof that Rove and the Republican party are in control of today's smear? Probably.

Pat Buchanan is coming out with a book explaining how the Bush government is not conservative. I urge my supposedly Republican and conservative friends to read it. Get yourselves back on track. Having a healthy conservative establishment is a needed foil to liberal ideas. But this present group in national power is a radical group that is leading us down the road to perdition. Wake up and think, my conservative friends.

Rove is behind the Kerry attack ads

By John ServaisOn Aug 22, 2004

The Bush campaign machine’s smear of Kerry’s service record is beginning to backfire. Soon, when attention is turned to Bush’s record, watch the Republicans scream foul. None screamed as lies were tol

Once, only Democrats or wimpy liberals would do it

By John ServaisOn Aug 19, 2004

Bush ads are trashing a Vietnam veteran’s record. The trashing of Vietnam veterans is supposedly the realm of war-hating hippies and liberals. Republicans have expressed their disdain about this for o

Saying Bush is for democracy is like . . .

By John ServaisOn Aug 16, 2004

So - will the Bush government now seek a violent way to overthrow Chavez as president of Venezuela now that he has easily survived the recall referendum? Our CIA and other secret U.S. agencies have be

The best comment yet on the movie

By John ServaisOn Aug 15, 2004

Fahrenheit 911, in my opinion. Dan Carpenter of the Indianapolis Star puts the movie into perspective.

Anyone want to step forward?

By John ServaisOn Aug 02, 2004

The Mercury Study by the U.S. Geological Survey has been released. It is available as a PDF file.

Bush is a one-trick pony

By John ServaisOn Jul 13, 2004

He has his leering look as he leans over a podium and says the US is safer with Saddam removed from power. That’s it. And variations on that. He has it down pat. He stumbles when he speaks of anything

Postpone the election?

By John ServaisOn Jul 12, 2004

Well, no surprise. And not even close to the extreme measures the weird people behind Bush will go to in order to avoid being thrown out of office. They went ballistic when Clinton was elected. They u

Have you seen the movie yet?

By John ServaisOn Jul 11, 2004

Seems most of my conservative friends are avoiding it. But they tell me what they think of Michael Moore and they are not nice comments. They should see the movie first.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Saw Fahrenheit 9/11

By John ServaisOn Jul 03, 2004

Very good documentary. The Democrats do not get off clean. The Democrats are well documented in the movie going along with Bush’s absurd war against Iraq. They are shown as mindless suits without a bi

Fahrenheit 9/11 is breaking records

By John ServaisOn Jul 01, 2004

This from the movie revenue watch website Box Office MoJo: “In terms of raw dollars, Fahrenheit is actually the biggest opening ever for a movie playing at less than 1,000 theaters, topping Roc

Americans had to really want to see this movie

By John ServaisOn Jun 30, 2004

No showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 in Bellingham this past week. Why not? Because Regal Cinema booked the rights to show it but waited to see if it was well attended. Regal controls all three movie

Leave no proof behind

By John ServaisOn Jun 17, 2004

From a friend who is an enlisted person in the military - in a combat unit. The officers - the lieutenants - of his unit lectured them this week about torture. The officers said the enlisted soldiers

We are remembering Reagan for the wrong reasons

By John ServaisOn Jun 10, 2004

and we will suffer for it. Reagan did not win the Cold War. Communism was systemically fatal - just as all the conservatives kept saying. Reagan did do the right things to end the Cold War - and he de

Mercury in Lake Whatcom

By John ServaisOn Jun 03, 2004

Today the Washington Department of Ecology released a report that says, basically, that mercury in the lake is less now than in the past. “Decreasing” is the operative word.

Local conservatives

Re: Chamber of Commerce insert in today’s Bellingham Herald

By John ServaisOn May 24, 2004

The initiative is ‘remove motor boats’, notremove boats’ from Lake Whatcom. Our Chamber of Commerce just lies in print to achieve their goal of defeating the initiative.

The Military Intelligence units are beginning to be exposed

By John ServaisOn May 18, 2004

ABC News has an exclusive interview with a sergeant in the 302 MI Battalion, a unit of Col Pappas 205 MI Brigade. See NwCit report below of May 4 - two weeks ago. The sergeant says there was and is a

How our US Government falsifies documents

By John ServaisOn May 17, 2004

This statement was posted on the DOD website on Saturday - and I took a computer photo of it on Sunday - to catch them if they changed it. Well, they went back and doctored it - improved it - without

Torture. What is it?

By John ServaisOn May 12, 2004

It is to cause extreme physical or mental pain for punishment or to extract a confession or information. Our government officials are now saying we do not torture because we follow the Geneva rules. T

This is a kangaroo court at its finest

By John ServaisOn May 10, 2004

A short note. For days we have all listened to voices from the left demand resignations and voices from the right actually defend this behavior or at least excuse it. We have not seen any reporting on

Why is the press not interviewing participants?

By John ServaisOn May 06, 2004

Questions not being asked by the press about the abuses. At least I’ve not run across them in news reports. The reports have not gone into any more detail in three days. We see a few more photos but n