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British newspapers considered us cowards and vermin.

Happy Fourth. In his speech today, Bush is comparing his criminal war in Iraq to our fight for Independence two hundred years ago. Well, here is a more accurate comparison.

The British f

Happy Fourth. In his speech today, Bush is comparing his criminal war in Iraq to our fight for Independence two hundred years ago. Well, here is a more accurate comparison.

The British f

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Happy Fourth. In his speech today, Bush is comparing his criminal war in Iraq to our fight for Independence two hundred years ago. Well, here is a more accurate comparison.

The British from 1775 through 1781 were incensed that so many Americans were terrorists who hid behind trees and fired on the British soldiers - instead of wearing red, easy-to-aim-at uniforms and marching in straight lines - as the British did. We cheated in our fight for independence. The British newspapers considered us cowards and vermin. Indeed, perhaps only 25% of Americans wanted independence, the rest either not caring or wanting to stay British. King George knew this and felt he was sending troops to protect the loyal English subjects.

Tories - Americans who stayed loyal to the governments that the British had established in each colony - were treated horribly by the cowardly American rebels. Tory property was burned, cattle were stolen and tens of thousands of Tories fled to Canada for personal safety.

Hmmm - in Iraq today, the cowardly insurgents are blowing up US troops with unconventional roadside bombs and suicide bombers. And the Iraqis who dare to work with the Americans are being targeted by the rebels - er, insurgents and terrorists. Same as we targeted the Tories.

British troops were 3,000 miles from home with their multi-national force consisting of German and English soldiers. Our troops are 10,000 miles from home with the paid for and coerced multi-national force. It looked like the Americans would surely lose the war as General Howe scored victory after victory. It took over six years for the Americans to convince the British that the war was futile. A lot of Tories died and a lot of British soldiers died. It took the Vietnamese approximately 10 years to convince us to get out. The Iraqis have only been fighting us for two years.

History has much to teach us if we care to learn. Don't over extend your military. Don't go to war with no clear goal. Don't start a war if you cannot finish it. Don't lie to your people about the war if they might later learn the truth. Don't abuse the people of an occupied country. Don't set vague goals that you have no chance of achieving. And on and on. Bush and the neocons who planned this war thought they could ignore history. And they are not learning how wrong they were and are.

British newspapers considered us cowards and vermin.

By John ServaisOn Jul 04, 2005

Happy Fourth. In his speech today, Bush is comparing his criminal war in Iraq to our fight for Independence two hundred years ago. Well, here is a more accurate comparison.

The British f

Like toxic water flowing from GP

By John ServaisOn Jul 02, 2005

The link to No Forced Fluoride in Bellingham is posted to the right. The pro-fluoride initiative backers - financed by Seattle powers with well-laundered money passed along to hide the sources - has s

Downing Street memos are authentic

By John ServaisOn Jun 30, 2005

A modest correction to yesterday’s post below. Contrary to paragraph 3, prior to 9/11 the international terrorists could also find sanctuary in Yemen, Canada and the USA. These are in addition to Afgh

Bush has helped Bin Laden

By John ServaisOn Jun 29, 2005

Lets see if we can state this in a way conservatives and war hawks can understand. Because 9/11 is being used as a false excuse for the war in Iraq and because Bush had no post-war plan for Iraq, we n

Fluoride in water is medicine

By John ServaisOn Jun 22, 2005

We found the nerve endings. The fluoride proponents don’t like the word “medicine” as used in the June 16 post below. Of course fluoride in water is just that - medicine. Medicine that is supposedly h

We want pure clean water

By John ServaisOn Jun 16, 2005

The fluoride proponents don’t have a clue. They don’t get it. When I open my water tap, I want clean water to come out, not medicine.

These well-meaning folks think they know what I need - and

Deja vu of 1996

By John ServaisOn Jun 12, 2005

Chuckanut Ridge is a controversy now - and it is deja vu of 1996. On October ‘96, NwCitizen broke new information and posted three reports that helped to stop the development. It also recommended that

How small are our military leaders?

By John ServaisOn Jun 05, 2005

Very. How childish and petty? Very. How uncaring in supporting our soldiers? Very. How incompetent and wasting of lives and money while not paying attention to the basics of war? Very.


New web sites

By John ServaisOn May 30, 2005

The folks trying to buy the 100-acre Fairhaven Highlands proposed development and turn it into a city park now have their own website - One Hundred Acre Wood.

New - local website that addresses

Media conference a surprising success

By John ServaisOn May 21, 2005

The media conference was a surprising success. Surprising because so many attended and were very focused on learning more about independent media. Over 20 people attended all the sessions I checked ou

Independent media should be of interest

By John ServaisOn May 18, 2005

There is an interesting media conference this Saturday, May 21, in Bellingham, that is oriented towards independent and grassroots efforts. This includes blogs, public TV and radio, small newspapers,

This “blog” now approaching its 10th anniversary

By John ServaisOn May 15, 2005

Well, when my sainted aunt writes asking if I’m feeling OK because nothing has been posted here, then it is time to pay attention to this blog. With over 300 people a day checking for posts, I could b

Sequoia voting machines being challenged

By John ServaisOn May 05, 2005

Our county auditor has decided to buy vote-counting machines with secret software. Here is a link to information on a lawsuit in Everett dealing with these same machines. Sequoia machines are being ch

Larsen feels no need to be accountable

By John ServaisOn Apr 25, 2005

Apparently my name is on Larsen’s black list. He has replied to some others on his vote for the bankruptcy bill - but only, as he writes, because they support him. He explains that only 25 people emai

Hey Rick - call home

By John ServaisOn Apr 18, 2005

Still no answer from Rick Larsen’s staff. No answer to direct questions has been the process for the past couple years. His office probably responds the same day to questions from lobbyists, PR firms

Rick is catering to some wealthy donors

By John ServaisOn Apr 14, 2005

Rick Larsen is voting with the conservative Republicans these days. Rick was one of the key few Democrats who voted FOR the harsh new bankruptcy law - and for the elimination of all estate taxe

Two years since the invasion of Iraq

By John ServaisOn Mar 20, 2005

Shock and awe was the strategy of the Bush government. Maybe we are in shock now as our kids continue to be killed and maimed. 1,500 dead and thousands with blown off limbs. We may soon be in awe of t

They fooled me

By John ServaisOn Mar 13, 2005

Sinn Fein is a sham. Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein are fronts for the IRA - the Irish Republican Army and its brutal methods of torture and killing of innocent Irish.

Shame on Brazil

By John ServaisOn Feb 13, 2005

The government will arrest some poor guys and execute them for the murder of Sister Stang. The government will say they are shocked, just shocked. But the government of Brazil is relieved that Stang i

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

By John ServaisOn Feb 12, 2005

Maria Cantwell has voted to restrict class-action law suits - siding with the Bush administration to remove legal rights from working people. My Democratic friends seem to be silent on her voting reco

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