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Faces of Health Care

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I was sent the link to this display of 34 health care workers coming off their shifts. One is posted at the top of this page. We, as a country, need to recognize health care workers as important, and serving, just like our military soldiers, our police, our fire fighters. They protect us and serve beyond the call of duty when needed. And they risk their lives in times like these. Indeed, many are getting COVID-19 from their work.

“These are the faces of combat. These are the faces I saw in Vietnam of soldiers coming back from combat.” - A Vietnam war veteran.

Locally, St. Joseph Hospital has only a week’s worth of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). As Dr. Lin has told us, there are suppliers who have the equipment and are only waiting for a phone call placing orders. But our hospital seems attached to its traditional suppliers and are glued to their standard procedures. Same is true for the Whatcom County Public Health Department - one week of equipment - which the director told us can be reduced to three days-worth with one incident.

We are all in this together. Many locals are hand-making masks and PPE items for our health workers. The question is - why isn’t our hospital and health department calling on local suppliers, and in fact manufacturers, that have PPE items available?

Faces of Health Care

By John ServaisOn Mar 25, 2020

I was sent the link to this display of 34 health care workers coming off their shifts. One is posted at the top of this page. We, as a country, need [...]

Down the Memory Hole

By John ServaisOn Mar 25, 2020

At Monday night’s Bellingham City Council meeting, contrary to the Bellingham Herald’s reporting, Tim Eyman created a serious disturbance. Just as the meeting was about to begin at 7 [...]

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Boots on the ground at St. Joseph Hospital

By John ServaisOn Mar 25, 2020

​We continue providing Dr. Ming Lin’s personal views of his experience at St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham, which is part of the PeachHealth chain of hospitals. Dr. Lin returned [...]

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Close The Bellingham Parks…NOW!

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 23, 2020

Friday afternoon, as I drive by the skateboard park at Civic Field, there are several dozen youths and a few adults (parents?) congregated in small groups while some of the [...]

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Three ways to cover a whistleblower story

By John ServaisOn Mar 20, 2020

Dr. Ming Lin’s whistleblower letter on poor practices by St Joseph Hospital has been published by NWCitizen, covered by the Seattle Times, and covered-up by the Bellingham Herald. I [...]

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Understanding The War On COVID-19 or Channeling Our Inner Hilda

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 19, 2020

The dialogue above comes from a scene in the original 1951 sci-fi movie The Day The Earth Stood Still (not the 2008 junk remake). Klaatu, an extraterrestrial visitor, arranges to demonstrate the [...]

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Imagine a World…

By Larry HorowitzOn Mar 18, 2020

​I found this post by an anonymous author on a social media platform to be both interesting and inspiring… Imagine a World…

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Doctor Lin’s Letter

By John ServaisOn Mar 18, 2020

Update Monday, Mar 23, at 9:48 pm. Dr. Ming Lin continues to post on his fb page from South Dakota. He returns to work tomorrow, Tuesday, Mar 24. And he says a local [...]

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Update on Protection for the Post Point Great Blue Heron Colony

By Jamie K. DonaldsonOn Mar 13, 2020

They’re baaaack! This year’s nesting season is underway at the Post Point Great Blue Heron colony in Fairhaven. With so little foliage on the alder trees right now, [...]

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Sex Education sends Republicans into Panic

By Guest WriterOn Mar 12, 2020

We are protecting the identity of the writer because they are in a vulnerable position for retribution, but they are well known to us. Speech in the USA - including [...]

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Interim Public Works Director Forbids Climate & Energy Manager Discussing Telecom and Dig Once

By Jon HumphreyOn Mar 06, 2020

At first, I was excited to speak with the city’s new climate and energy manager Seth Vidana in an attempt to help him make the obvious connections between technology [...]

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Sehome Neighborhood Meeting Sheds Light On Rental Housing

By Guest WriterOn Mar 06, 2020

[Guest Writer - Dianne Foster is a retired ARNP, who was lucky to work many years at PeaceHealth Medical Center in the Ob/Gyn department. Previously, she finished her BA [...]

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Michael Riordan in Seattle Times

By John ServaisOn Mar 05, 2020

This evening, NW Citizen writer Michael Riordan has an opinion piece posted on the Seattle Times website. It is a strongly critical look at how the Trump regime is mishandling [...]

Ranked-Choice Voting supported by Bellingham City Council

By Stoney BirdOn Mar 04, 2020

These days, you’ll find ranked-choice voting (RCV) popping up all over. Only last November, New York City voters adopted ranked-choice voting by a margin of 73% for and 27% against. Another [...]

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City Council Resolution Supports A Washington Public Bank

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 27, 2020

The Bellingham City Council unanimously approved a resolution in support of a state bank in Washington. This follows on the heels of a December presentation on the benefits of public [...]

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Density Allowances for CityView Development Challenged

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 14, 2020

An attorney for a working group* drawn from nearly 100 interested and affected residents from the Puget and Samish Neighborhoods has challenged the 176 unit density allocated to the 11.5 acre Tract F [...]

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Stop The Nonsense Talk About Public Banking

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 12, 2020

I find it interesting that a continuing objection to public banking is rooted in the fear that the funds deposited in these banks will not be cared for, or may [...]

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Sitting on a Gold Mine?

By Tip JohnsonOn Feb 09, 2020

What if public agencies were sitting on a gold mine, a mineral deposit worth potentially billions? OK, not gold, but a large quantity of a valuable element? The Department of [...]

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Expand Your Horizons: Human Rights Film Festival, 2/20 – 2/29

By Guest WriterOn Feb 09, 2020

[Guest writer Barbara Rofkar started as a pediatric nurse, became an anthropologist and worked to start the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center. She also taught at WWU for several decades.] This [...]

Water Resource Planning: Prepare - Or Take Our Chances?

By Eric HirstOn Feb 06, 2020

Electricity and water are essential resources in our society. But the way we efficiently plan for our electricity needs is vastly different from how poorly we plan for our water [...]

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