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Mark Wilson is running for US Senator

  • as a Democrat and against Maria Cantwell. His website is and it will be posted in the column to the right in

  • as a Democrat and against Maria Cantwell. His website is and it will be posted in the column to the right in

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- as a Democrat and against Maria Cantwell. His website is and it will be posted in the column to the right in a few days. If Mark is to have a real chance then he needs supporters now - to get his campaign going strong and show there is a chance. Yes, politics feeds on itself.

So - party line Ds will lecture us that if Mark somehow beats Maria in the primary that he will have no chance against Republican Mike McGavick, the anointed one from the right. In truth, he may have a better chance than Maria as Washington state is pretty liberal.

Mark, a veteran, wants us out of Iraq. Maria is decidedly on the fence, playing both sides.

Mark Wilson is running for US Senator

By John ServaisOn Nov 05, 2005

  • as a Democrat and against Maria Cantwell. His website is and it will be posted in the column to the right in

This is the thought process of a cave man

By John ServaisOn Oct 25, 2005

2,000 US military persons have been killed on the battlefields of Iraq since the March 2003 bombing and invasion. What is more horrifying is over 15,000 have been wounded. And tens of th


By John ServaisOn Oct 19, 2005

Got your attention? Time magazine has an article this week about our Bellingham fight over whether or not to put fluoride in our drinking water. It is worth reading.

I think putting this medici

“A broader role for the armed forces”

By John ServaisOn Oct 18, 2005

“It is now clear that a challenge on this scale requires greater federal authority and a broader role for the armed forces – the institution of our government most capable of massive logistical opera

Where does the buck stop?

By John ServaisOn Sep 03, 2005

Most agree - even W. Bush - that FEMA has botched the aid effort for New Orleans. Now we learn that Mike Brown, the director of FEMA, was fired in 2001 from his last private sector job of overseeing h

Greatest movie line ever?

By John ServaisOn Sep 01, 2005

Latest right-wing banal humor circulating on the Internet. This from the guys who say “my country, right or wrong”. This from the folks who actually think they have a rational reason for us to be inva

A new Bellingham progressive web site

By John ServaisOn Aug 19, 2005

  • Vote PC - has just been put up by Ryan Ferris. It has a very good mission. To bring some intelligence and law to our local governments in Whatcom County. That includes the Port of Bellingham. I’m p

One of over 1,600 vigils across the USA

By John ServaisOn Aug 17, 2005

Sat, Aug 20, post
Below I suggest no local elected officials attended the vigil. I am pleased to report that city council member Terry Borneman attended. Others saw him and told me. Anyone e

A vigil to support Cindy Sheehan

By John ServaisOn Aug 16, 2005

is being held tomorrow evening on the Fairhaven Village Green. Cindy is the mother of the soldier killed in Iraq. She is camped outside the gates to George Bush’s ranch in Texas. He has ignored her fo

You gotta love this shit.

By John ServaisOn Jul 10, 2005

Israeli Intelligence knew of the London bombings an hour before they went off. And so did Scotland Yard. Hell, Israeli National News posted it on their website. Make of it what you will. Sigh, it seem

We are playing by Osama’s plan book

By John ServaisOn Jul 07, 2005

So much for progress against terrorism. Multiple blasts on the London transportation system are evidence of that. Maybe just killing civilians by the thousands - as we have done in Iraq - and destroyi

British newspapers considered us cowards and vermin.

By John ServaisOn Jul 04, 2005

Happy Fourth. In his speech today, Bush is comparing his criminal war in Iraq to our fight for Independence two hundred years ago. Well, here is a more accurate comparison.

The British f

Like toxic water flowing from GP

By John ServaisOn Jul 02, 2005

The link to No Forced Fluoride in Bellingham is posted to the right. The pro-fluoride initiative backers - financed by Seattle powers with well-laundered money passed along to hide the sources - has s

Downing Street memos are authentic

By John ServaisOn Jun 30, 2005

A modest correction to yesterday’s post below. Contrary to paragraph 3, prior to 9/11 the international terrorists could also find sanctuary in Yemen, Canada and the USA. These are in addition to Afgh

Bush has helped Bin Laden

By John ServaisOn Jun 29, 2005

Lets see if we can state this in a way conservatives and war hawks can understand. Because 9/11 is being used as a false excuse for the war in Iraq and because Bush had no post-war plan for Iraq, we n

Fluoride in water is medicine

By John ServaisOn Jun 22, 2005

We found the nerve endings. The fluoride proponents don’t like the word “medicine” as used in the June 16 post below. Of course fluoride in water is just that - medicine. Medicine that is supposedly h

We want pure clean water

By John ServaisOn Jun 16, 2005

The fluoride proponents don’t have a clue. They don’t get it. When I open my water tap, I want clean water to come out, not medicine.

These well-meaning folks think they know what I need - and

Deja vu of 1996

By John ServaisOn Jun 12, 2005

Chuckanut Ridge is a controversy now - and it is deja vu of 1996. On October ‘96, NwCitizen broke new information and posted three reports that helped to stop the development. It also recommended that

How small are our military leaders?

By John ServaisOn Jun 05, 2005

Very. How childish and petty? Very. How uncaring in supporting our soldiers? Very. How incompetent and wasting of lives and money while not paying attention to the basics of war? Very.


New web sites

By John ServaisOn May 30, 2005

The folks trying to buy the 100-acre Fairhaven Highlands proposed development and turn it into a city park now have their own website - One Hundred Acre Wood.

New - local website that addresses

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