Our mission is to inform local citizens about our local governments and public issues. We promote intelligent participation in governance and voting.

We provide an online venue for local independent citizen journalists who write about local news and provide their perspectives on local issues. Columnists write what they want and post when they want. The opinions of one do not in any way reflect the views or values of any other writer or this website. We welcome submissions from contributors, but we do review them before publication.

In general, Northwest Citizen provides news, commentary, and discussion on local politics and public issues for Bellingham and Whatcom County. Citizen journalists present responsible viewpoints and hold local officials accountable for their actions. Originally started as a one-person politics blog in 1995, Northwest Citizen has grown to include over 10 columnists and over 15 contributing writers. We continue to add writers. Our articles are intended to complement other established local news outlets and to provide informed perspectives that explain important community issues. 

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This website is owned by Northwest Citizen LLC, a Washington state company located in Bellingham with local owners. By the terms of the company agreement, the owners and writers receive no compensation. All donations and revenue go to operations and capital expenses for the website. 

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