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I have a dream… by Martin Luther King Jr.

​The link to “I have a dream…” on the Links page goes to a video of the last 5:30 minutes of MLK’s 12 minute speech, which is the “I have a dream” part of his speech. MLK had a prepared speech that he was 11 minutes into reading when gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, sitting nearby, shouted to King to “Tell them about the dream, Martin!”. He then departed from his prepared speech and spoke extemporaneously - and this is the dream speech that we link to.

As much as the Gettysburg Address, it is now one of our United States founding documents. We are hopefully still moving towards a nation that walks its talk - that practices what it preaches - that all men are created equal. That was MLK’s dream, and in 1963 it was relevant to where our country stood. As much so as the Gettysburg Address was to where our country stood 100 years earlier when it was delivered.

The speech was given during the March on Washington for jobs and justice, August 28, 1963. He stood on the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave it to a crowd of 250,000 people on the Mall.

Link again to video of just “I have a dream…”

Link to a video to the full speech.

Link to text of full speech as given.

- John Servais

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