Protect the Great Blue Heron Colony

Example of heron flyer. See link below to easy to print pdf of flyers.
Example of heron flyer. See link below to easy to print pdf of flyers.

Here are links to the articles about the threatened development in the buffer trees by the Great Blue Heron colony on the south side of Bellingham. This is the only colony in Bellingham and the herons grace our shorelines, trails, streams and wetlands for us all over our city. This is a reference or index page for these articles by Jamie K Donaldson on NW Citizen - and perhaps by others elsewhere.

Easy to print pdf with four heron flyers, per example at top of page.

The herons need a good lawyer. To contribute to the legal effort to protect them, click here:

July 27, 2019. We have temporarily disabled donations to the GoFundMe campaign because there are funds available to pay final invoices to the herons’ lawyer, and to challenge any further building applications on Shorewood Drive.  Please stay turned for further developments regarding the campaign.  And thanks so much for your financial and other support.  Jamie K.

Links to Jamie K’s articles:

Saturday, July 27 - Huge Victory toward Creation of the Post Point Great Blue Heron Reserve

Friday, July 26 - We Must Finish the Job and Create a Great Blue Heron Reserve at Post Point

Tuesday, July 16 - Good News for the Post Point Herons… For Now

Tuesday, May 21 - All Hands on Deck to Help Protect the Great Blue Herons

Saturday, May 18 - Herons Continued: A Response to a Reader’s Comments

Thursday, April 4 - Bellingham Heron Colony Threatened by Development - Again

Other articles:

Wednesday, July 24 - Cascade Weekly - Op-Ed View on page 6 - A Win for the Birds

Wednesday, May 29 - Letters to the Editor in Cascadia Weekly - 3rd letter down the page. The Plight of the Heron, by Michael Botwin

Monday, May 13 - Bellingham Herald - Drone users asked to give these birds space


Photo courtesy of Linda Wright Photography
Photo courtesy of Linda Wright Photography