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Below are posted scans of emails, documents and other documents related to Western's planning process.

Traffic Index page - including links to Oct 2002 effort to vacate S. College Drive.

Rebuttal to Western's assertions that there is no piecemeal planning - June 26, 2002
Western says it is, gee, simply following their IMP. I say they are hiding future plans.

Western building new mid campus road on 21st Street - June 21, 2002
High, dry and flat 21st St. should be vacated and used for sports fields, not the swamp.

The Authority Email Exchange - June 17, 2002
In this exchange of 5 emails, Bham planning staff discuss with Western planning staff the legalities of whether Western must obey city laws before building their parking garage. Western says no.

 The Fracas Email - June 13, 2002
George Pierce, WWU VP, stating that public participation in planning would "raise a fracas" - so no public was invited to the early planning of a huge 6 story parking garage on Garden Street.

Vacating South Campus Drive - why Western wants it - June 2002
A public hearing on June 12 is scheduled. What is wrong with this.
Here are pictures of the 4 parts of Western's plan that show the Arboretum road.

Some questions for the nine members of the Western Front editorial board - Nov 8, 2000
OK, folks, you had fun bashing a neighborhood. Now, be responsible for your words.

Western Front Editorial acts as propaganda mouth for President Karen Morse - Nov 7, 2000
Editors never called Tip or John for comment - acted on Western Public Information Office spin piece
No article in Front to report what editorial is about. Readers left in dark.
Read the link on the MOA just below - judge for yourself.
IMHO - Western and city found to violate law but allowed to continue. Amazing.

MOA between WWU and city of Bellingham - Nov 2000
Declared illegal by Growth Management Hearings Board

Bhm City Council hearing on WWU Neighborhood Plan - Tuesday, Feb 24, 1998
A report on the first Bellingham City Council hearing on the WWU Neighborhood Plan.

WWU Plans Expansion Into Happy Valley - Dec 4, 1996
WWU Wants 21st Street as "Processional" Entrance - also grab 15 city blocks down to Knox Ave.