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WWU nixes cell phone antenna atop Buchannan Towers Apartments

Top administrators at Western, President Karen Morse and VP George Pierce, in separate letters cite WAC 516-34 as the reason they are not allowed to let Sprint build a cell phone antenna atop Buchannan Apartments. Karen refers to this as 'state law'. George says there is no "direct benefit" for the campus with the antenna atop the building.

Lets look at this. WAC is Washington Administrative Code. It is not law, much less State law. Administrative Code is guidelines that Western creates for itself so others know the procedures when dealing with Western. For Western to say its own rules prohibit it from doing what is in its own interests is absurd and self defeating. Western controls all the contents of WAC 516.

For the President and VP of Western to call this state law is a deceit. They know better. The State could care less about their section 34 and its restrictive leasing nature. Each university in the state has its own WAC section. Most have no special code regarding leasing of property, as Western does with section 34. No need for this, as requests are considered case by case on their merits. However, Western does not want anything messy like a cell phone antenna atop a building. Thus, a code they can hide behind.

Have you noticed the antenna atop the Leopold hotel in downtown Bellingham? That is a Sprint antenna similar to what they applied to put on the roof of Buchannan Towers.

Studends, faculty and staff of Western will not get first class cell phone service on campus without the antenna atop Buchannan towers. Happy Valley will get an ugly tower. Common sense is absent from the administration at Western.

Below is a official sketch of the proposed cell phone for Happy Valley - 120 feet high. If Western will reconsider and allow the antenna atop the roof of Buchannan Apartments then it will be hardly noticed.




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