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Call Pete Kremen and demand that he takeaction

Call County Executive Pete Kremen. Why? Becauce Pete can do twothings - urge him to not shirk back from either.

1. He can speak out against this closing. He has a bully pulpit. Use it, Pete. If you feel the closing of the Library is wrong then speak out in public and speak strongly. Urge the Library System to reconsider the closing. If you do not speak out then we can only assume that you don't care enough about the closing of the Newhalem library.

2. Pete is about to appoint a new library board member. There are presently only 4 members with a vacancy. Urge Pete - demand that Pete - appoint an independent person to the post. I have discussed this with Pete - as much as he does not like the library closing, he is inclined to appoint the present 4 member board's choice for the 5th person. Nothing could be worse.

Pete Kremen - you have one avenue of action to show you care - I urge you to reopen the process for new applications and to appoint someone who will bring a critical voice to the Board of Trustees of the Whatcom County Library System - a person who will work to reverse this travesty of closing the Newhalem Library.

Email Pete Kremen at:

Phone Pete at: 384-1403 from the county and 676-6717 from Bellingham.

Fax Pete at: 676-6775

Or, visit Pete at the County Courthouse.

Only if Pete hears from a decent number of people will he be swayed. Let him know you disapprove of his keeping silent.

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