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Lieberman website info

Sen. Joe Lieberman blamed his opponent Ned Lamont for trashing Joe's website on the eve of the election on Aug 7, 2006. But, a little poking around on Joe's domain name - joe2006.com - shows that whoever Joe hired to run his website did a very low level job of it. 73 other websites were on the same server. Dah. Joe's site crashed under visitor traffic of voters trying to learn more of how Joe stood on issues. A Texas server farm. Absurd.

Below are a few screen dumps of the domain registry and web server info. If you are not a geek then this may all look unreadable. The reason for posting it is for purposes of having a record - as I suspect much of this will disappear tomorrow or in a few days as coverup.

Posted - Aug 8, 2006.

Below is #5 through #49 of 74 websites hosted on the same computer as Joe Lieberman's. Joe is #35. Trust me, there are 74. Some are pretty small and even not very interesting. The point though is - if you have a major election then you not only are the only website on a computer but you have mirror servers other places to serve visitor requests during the final days of your campaign. Dah. Joe, of course, would not personally know this - but he is repsonsible for the person he hired to run his website.

I may post additional images if they seem warrented.

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