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Credit where credit is due

Named after our Director of the Washington Department of Ecology - a creek of shit

Saturday, Dec 22, 2001

Each winter, on many rainy days, an intermittent creek flows through the Sudden Valley golf course. Based on DNR standards it is probably a class 3 creek. We've heard there are finless trout in the creek.

So, we felt it appropriate to name this creek "Fitz Creek". The fact that the creek consists of raw human sewage is something the Washington Department of Ecology has ignored for many years. The fact that it flows into Austin Creek and then into Lake Whatcom - the drinking water reservoir for almost 90,000 people has been pretty much ignored by DOE for years. You need to know about this lack of concern. The Bellingham Herald didn't tell you until well after this web site made this a known local issue.

You cannot trust the Bellingham Herald to tell you the truth about local events and government actions. The Herald is so riddled with mistakes as to make them unreliable for news of local issues. I have only caught a few of their mistakes. The community suffers from not having a viable competitor to the Herald, like a weekly newspaper. Competition would nudge Gannett into making the Herald a better newspaper. The community of Whatcom County would benefit. So would the Herald.

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