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What do we know now about 1997 plans?

We have first information on plannedchanges.

Posted - October 25, 1996

In April 1997, the Happy Valley neighborhood will begin theprocess of revising our zoning and comprehensive plan. Publichearings, city council discussions, votes, zoning changes, etc. Itwill last months. It will affect happy Valley property owners. Wewill try to keep up on things and post information here.

As of now, two suggestions have been made.

1. Expand the commercial zoning east from its present line between13th and 14th streets to a line down the middle of 14th street.

2. Change zoning for portions of 15th street from multi familty tosingle family. The section of 15th runs from half way up the hillbetween Knox and Mill, down to either Mill or Harris.

Did you know that you can submit a request for zoning changes tothe planning department? You can. And then they will be considerednext spring.

If you hear of any pending requests for zoning changes, please letus know and we will post them here.

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