Neighborhood Goal - Sidewalks on every street
Minimum improvements to provide pedestrian circulation whilemaintaining "rural" character

Need for sidewalks with improvements with on-street parking withcut-outs on Harris Ave.

From 12th to 21st.
- 25th between Douglas and Bill McDonald
- Knox from 21st - 24th for Happy Valley Elementary

Enhancing/changing safe school route to Happy Valley

Create gateways into neighborhood
- define corridors

Old Fairhaven Pkwy
- noise abatement
- crosswalks
- need more traffic signals on Old Fairhaven near 24th - 20th

More lighting in the neighborhood street

Donovan need for crosswalks

Provide low-income (cost)/affordable housing that has highstandards and quality
Varsity Village vs. Barracks
(Section 8 vs. unsubsidized)

Street tree program main streets
~ gateway enhancement

Lenora Court park between Knox/Mill- could be available todevelopment
Permit fees - infrastructure improvements

Provide affordable housing that people don't have to qualifyfor.

To provide HDP funding, is it the landlord who has to qualify oris it based on the tenants or is it the building?

If funding is received, do tenants need to "qualify"?


* What is the current build out potential for the HVN?
* Require sidewalks for new construction
- Add near schools
- Inconsistencies in street/sidewalk improvements- some required toimprove them/ some not - even though same size developments
- Asses development based on the amount of traffic generated / forfuture street/ pedestrian facilities improvements
- Adrik Place - why no sidewalks on perimeter?
- Pedestrian safety
- Harris Ave. has high pedestrian traffic, high speed automotivetraffic, lacks good sidewalks (only on one side)
* Decrease Density
* Downzone Area 5 to Single Family Residential
* Encourage Single Family Residential development
* Mitigate vehicular noise pollution
- buffer parking for new development
- use mature vegetation
* Put Residential Multi Development closer to arterials
* Want better accountability enforcement of land use violations
* Increase ownership and maintain mix
* Staged densities to increase green space.
- Ex: 7,500 1st unit, 1,000 thereafter
* Larrabee Elementary School into park
- do not convert to Residential Multi housing
- convert classrooms into low income housing, gym into communitycenter, tear down out buildings, reestablish large playground.
* Area 5 - Duplex only by special permits
- design review to assure appearance of single family residence
* Require increased investment in pedestrian facilities to increaseattractiveness to walk/discourage use of the automobile
- Ex: Varsity Village
* Encourage co-housing as an alternative housing type
* Make Western housing cheaper to encourage students to live oncampus
* Allow Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
* More green space as densities increase
- Establish neighborhood park in middle of Residential Multi zone
- More "pocket" play parks scattered throughout neighborhood
* Community center needed


- Bad habits that lead to crime are formed in kids with little todo.
- Have the designated neighborhood beat cop attend thesemeetings/neighborhood meetings to get to know residents
* Need more police involvement in setting block watches
* Mail crime - due to lack of sidewalks?
- Mail must be delivered at street, not house.


The Fire Department has identified the need for a new fire stationin the Happy Valley area to serve the southern quadrant of the cityand replace the existing station on Harris Ave. west of 14th Street.After investigating several potential sites, the City purchased ablock of property bounded by 15th St., 16th St., Harris Ave. andMcKenzie Ave. This site contains 22 apartment units that rent at lowrates.

Some people would like the City to site the fire station in a waythat would save the maximum number of these residential units. Manyof the people who live in the apartments appreciate the type of lowcost housing they provide and some have lived there for a longtime.

The units are old and in need of maintenance and updating. They donot conform to the zoning in this location, which currently allowsonly single family homes and duplexes on individual lots. Even ifsome units are retained, all of the residents will have to berelocated for a period of time while utility lines are re-constructedfor the block. The City will provide relocation assistance to theresidents.

To obtain approval for the general design and land use, the firestation project will go through a public review process including aneighborhood meeting, Planning Commission hearing and City Councilhearing. The City Council will have the final authority to approvethe use.


What are the important factors in this issue that affect thefuture of the neighborhood?

How does a new fire station affect the neighborhood? How does itaffect the larger community?

How does the fate of the housing affect the neighborhood? Thewhole community?

What should be the City's policy regarding displacement of lowincome housing by public facilities?


Sidewalks (see pictures provided)
1. Concern about lack of sidewalks to and from Happy ValleySchool.
2. Why are sidewalks not required with all new development?
3. Need an established shoulder along the roadside (seepictures).
4. Who determines the route for school children to follow?
5. Need sidewalks or paths to and from the schools.
6. Why doesn't the Public Works Dept. require improvements withdevelopment (even if they're inconsistent) instead of none atall?
7. Which developers have signed the waiver that requires them toparticipate in an LID if one is proposed?
8. If the City refuses to improve the sidewalks and paths throughoutthe neighborhood, and/or to and from the schools, what options do theresidents have?

Padden Creek
1. What is the status of the proposed day-lighting project?
2. Will the creek corridor be moved to the south of Old FairhavenParkway?
3. Who decides this? Will the property owners affected becompensated?

Flooding and stormwater runoff (see attached SeattleOrdinance)

19 & Harris
1. Sidewalks and basements are flooded with storm water runoff fromSouth Hill.
2. Need improved storm water system for the area.

Knox to Mill, 15th to 21st
1. Insufficient storm water drainage system, water flows on streetsand property.
2. Streets flood in winter and freeze-very dangerous situation.
3. What can be done to improve the system-LID's, latecomers fees, newdevelopment requirements? All single family residence, parkingadditions, sheds etc. should be required to treat all runoffonsite.

4. Soil stability has been compromised by runoff originating on SouthHill, trees are tipping over, buildings are at risk.
5. Why does the City say they can't regulate water runoff?
6. Who is liable for runoff for projects that were not properlyplanned?
7. The City identified the need for storm water and streetimprovements in the last plan, why haven't they been addressed?


1. Single family lots should have smaller lot size requirementsthan duplexes.
For example, Area 9 requires 7500s.f. lots for detached sf and 7500for duplex. Why don't the requirements allow 5000sf lots for singlefamily and 7500 for duplex.

Cell Towers
1. Are there any cell towers in Happy Valley?
2. Is there a limit to the number of cell towers allowed in any onearea?
3. If all property owners in the neighborhood agreed to not allowcell towers on their land, could the City require their locatingusing eminent domain?
4. Which neighborhoods are the prime targets for cell towers?
5. What are the limitations on cell tower locating? Can they go inresidential areas, etc.?

1. An informal trail exists between Knox & Highland to 19th andMill. What would it take to get it formally established?

Neighborhood Commercial
1. Would like to see small shops within walking distance of theirhomes. Harris and 21st was identified as a desirable place forthem.
2. Is there any areas of Happy Valley that could be developed withlimited vehicle access? For example, an open air mall to serve theneighborhood built without the huge parking lots.

1. Where will vehicles take access from?
2. Why is such high-density development allowed in single familyareas?
3. Are the traffic impacts being considered?
4. How does cohousing differ from any other apartment complex with acommunity center?

Four Bedroom Duplexes
1. Whose fault are they?
2. What is the city doing to prevent this from happening again(parking problems, lack of street improvements, etc.)?

Fire Station
1. Happy Valley needs a local park with a community center, the cityshould build one with the station. How can the citizens initiate thisif the city won't.

Historical District
1. Is Happy Valley or parts of it eligible for a HistoricDistrict?
2. What are the criteria? What's the process to list individualbuildings?
3. What would a historic district (like Fairhaven's) mean?


- What are the Parks plans for additional trails in the CCNA?(connecting to 32nd by detention dam) through community garden)
- CCNA more of a nature area than a park and want to keep it that way- want to keep it natural
- Will and when will Padden Creek be daylighted? Like to see Paddencreek daylighted
- What are the future plans for the OFP Greenway?
- Need more neighborhood parks with placed to run and play.
- Any new parks planned for HVN?
- Would like to see more community gardens in HVN.

21st Street

- Not in favor of extending 21st to OFP.
- Want to see the semi-rural character preserved.
- Can Larrabee be turned into a park? If it's going to be torn down.If not torn down, can it be used by the Parks for communitypurposes?
- Enhance salmon habitat in Connelly Creek and Padden Creek.
- Make improvements in Padden Creek for fish passage.
- Where would Padden Creek go if it was daylighted?
- Prefer to re-direct Padden to south of OFP.
- Are their plans to acquire the lands off Padden, north of OFP nextto the kennels.
- Need trails and paths that don't necessarily follow roads for bikesand pedestrians.
- Need existing trails improved, such as Padden Creek Gorge (surfaceand drainage).
- Trails and paths (and bike routes and walking routes) to WWU, forWWU students to commute without using 21st Street.
- 20th Street between Donovan and Harris - look at this for potentialpedestrian trail.
- Make pedestrian crossing over/under OFP (possibly linking it toPadden Creek daylighting from 17th - 23rd.
- Potential O.S. - Platte/Rusing Property @24th
- Wetland/creek enhancement on OFP Greenways property and just tonorth.
- Storm water treatment of I-5 runoff (old plan to treat it nearJoe's)
- Wants to see a program like the "Pledge Program", include schools,keep in mind the "turn-over" of residents
- High **-address
- Salmon habitat improvements
- Suggestion for neighborhood park: 22nd and OFP at mouth of tunnel,esp. if improvements are made to Padden Creek
- Est. good crossing from CCNA south to Interurban over OFP
- Nice to have a connection E-W, from HVN, to Padden Lake; down alongPadden Creek.
- Parks plans for HVN?
- Nice to have bike path through OFP Greenway continuous trail!
Concept of level of safety should be balanced or considered in
Contract zoning- like Fremont - look into this new concept
- Any undeveloped street right-of-ways used as trails or O.S.
- More O.S.
- City should take active role in working with neighborhood groups toadequately plant with native vegetation a high percentage of "unusedspace"- to utilize resources other than Greenways
- Tie in remaining Lenora Ct. right-of-way with Adrik Pl. O.S.
- Parks plans for future work in CCNA?
- Property at Lenora Ct. south of Mill developed into park
Play lot currently
- Daylighting creek that flows south generally following 23rd Street- called Taylor Creek (or Burns Creek) and eventually into Adrik Pl.pond
Neighborhood should prioritize
What are 1st steps according to City to achieve this?
- Improved pedestrian and bike access along Donovan, from HV Park toCCNA
- Improve ditch along Donovan to CCNA

Acquire trail corridor at west edge of Tip Johnson north toMcKenzie or beyond (safe school route too)

Create boardwalk at Mill linking HV school to nature area (TenantLake experience!)


Where would new south side school be?

Is Larrabee going to close?

Mixed SF/Duplex Area 5
7500 duplex
5000 for SF

Superstore area to neighborhood commercial
Look for more areas for NC

See as much area down zoned as possible
Traffic problems/crime are results of high density

If Larrabee school make the area a Park/Public Area (keep fromdeveloping as a density use SF/MF)

Rezone Area 5 SFR!!!
See what neighborhood consensus would be

L.S. closed go to community center!!

Leave Larrabee School open - helps neighborhood character

Request B does not seem consistent with what some of theneighborhood wants; not consistent with tradition or familyneighborhood

Update zoning code to prevent cheaper duplex and fourplex's

Keep L.S. from going to a high-density use, if closed

Keep Area 7 SFR with cluster too.

Promote L.S. as school of future, nice balance; state is tolerablefor children. Keep it open

Update code for RM development

21st west to neighborhood edge to SFR from MF duplex

20th - 24th between Wilson and OFP to get out of FEMA designation.To get floodplain designation removed

Larrabee School after closed zoned to SFR

Oppose Request B!; if zoning changed change to SF or at leastremain duplex

Extra small lots, ex. Happy Courts lots 7-8, and Harris St. 2500 -4000 square foot lots. Should be able to build a home on, small lotpreventing owners from developing; look at each lot individually

What will happen to Larrabee and HV School in next 5 years

Support request F, set density limit for Area 10

Would taxes be higher if request D went through. Tax Rate behigher for property owners?


Speed control for 25 mph

Samish Way Intersection
- Demand control for WWU students
- Invite Haggens and WWU to pay for it

WWU and Traffic
- A big wheel with streets going all directions?
- Public transportation?
- Residential parking zones!! 24th area
- Demand reduction vs supply reduction
- More punitive
- More tentative

Traffic Calming Device
- 21st and Donovan

- Knox and 21st

If connected:
To remove traffic from west of 21st on Donovan

21st NOT connected:
- Flood plain
- Cut neighborhood in 1/2
- Demand reduction instead of bigger streets
- No semi-traffic
- Not wide enough at top and too steep at top
- Not an intersection neighborhood
- 21st, from Mill to Douglas, pedestrian, bicycle only with greenspace/ park

24th Connection
- Already a through street
- Cut neighborhood in 1/2

Old Fairhaven Parkway very busy now
- Counter intuitive - if you cut off roads you can improvetraffic
- Old plan sold us Old Fairhaven parkway as a way to route trucktraffic and we would not have easy access to it.
- We were to "filter" it.
- HV forced to absorb the traffic impact of development outside theneighborhood
- Reduces neighborhood to an "intersection" only
- Why is there a dotted line on map where 21st meets Old FairhavenParkway?
- Close off all connectors through neighborhood. People use OH pkwy,32nd, BM pkway

Noise Barrier built on Old Fairhaven parkway - like in Mpls andSeattle
Muffler law? In City of Bellingham
- Any proposal must address noise and glare
- Concern re: Chuckanut Ridge and traffic flow
- Need communication between that neighborhood and South Hill andFairhaven
- Very strong opposition to putting through 21st.
- WWU enrollment - actual #'s. Is it really growing that much andfast?
- Look at other alternatives to 21st.

Garden St. - Valley Parkway


No rezone requests have been formally received by the City.

The storm water facility in the 21st. St. parking lot includes bigculverts. If they fill, will they blow out?

A gentleman was not impressed with WWU's handling of drainage.After a recent rainstorm, an electronics closet in Parks Hallflooded.

Will the new storm water facility work?

No expansion of WWU into the HV neighborhood at all.

WWU should end the concept of an *autonomous campus. They push outat the edges.
* a single entity with one border. WWU has been loath to disconnectportions of itself. For example, WWU needs a large warehouse/servicebuilding. They should use Albertson's old store on Old FH Parkway.WWU needs access to the freeway. This would keep big trucks out ofthe neighborhood.

As student population grows, they need housing - which will bemostly near campus. 1) will public transit be beefed up? 2) What arestudent housing plans - how much bleed into the neighborhood can beanticipated?

How many trees will be left by the new storm water pond? How manywill be cut down?

Daylight the creek on 23rd between Taylor and Douglas.

What is the status of the WWU Institutional Master Plan?

Parking near student housing is a problem (24th and Taylor, forexample).

III WWU and Sehome High are a problem - their peak hours overlap.The other neighborhood Residential Parking Zones have worsened this,as drivers now park south of campus instead.

Drainage has gotten worse. It runs down 25th and across theirdriveway and through their yard when it rains. (North of Taylor on24th).

The proposed storm water area is cool. Deer, birds.

Why are they tagging trees to take out now when the plans haven'tbeen finalized?

What are WWU's plans for electronic education? What are they doingnow?

What are WWU's plans for underground parking? Existing parkingcould be multilevel. Cheaper than the proposed garages? There must be$ somewhere to pay for it.

More bus service to and from Civic Field from WWU.

Survey students to determine transit use and interest. How muchvanpool use is there? How can such uses be encouraged?

32nd St. at 7:15 am at Ferry is backed uphill by folks leaving theWWU area - going to work? We don't pay any attention to this'counter-commute'.

For the first time, parking is now occurring south of Knox on21st.

Improve the walkways between WWU and HV. They should becoordinated. And throughout Happy Valley.

HV not an easy pedestrian area.

Encourage bikes/motorcycles with free parking.

Do HV neighbors think of WWU fields as theirs, too?

Build sports fields in HV for use by WWU and other schools,too.

How can WWU and its projects support the HV community?

HV and WWU need to deal with the integration vs. buffering vs.containment issue(s)

Major concerns: parking and encroachment.

21st and Bill McDonald. Should be curved.

Widen Bill McDonald parkway along it's whole length to encouragedrivers to use, instead of 21st.

Will wider streets of faster?

A lot of traffic from WWU, Sehome Hi, Haggens, so widen BillMcDonald rather than extending 21st to Old FH Parkway.

Old Fairhaven Parkway already is too busy (Ferry, Chuckanut Ridge,etc. development)

Don't pave the neighborhood.
Don't divide the neighborhood in two.

Don't connect Highland directly to 21st. This facilitates traffic.This makes an arterial.

Quantify impact of WWU on Happy Valley: traffic, housing stock(#of units, quality), economic, utilities (cost, location, etc.),population #s, pollution, drainage, transit services, socioeconomic,parking, increase in density, noise.

On campus parking -
- should have parking garages paid for by people who use them.Bond.
- - Use existing flat parking lots for building.
- WWU should be accountable for it's own parking on own land so HVnot impacted by parking.

II WWU - Bike lane on 21st south of WWU.

Fremont uses "contract zoning" to protect "endangered SFresidences". Find out more!

Have freshman not bring cars to campus.

Put lots more stop signs on 21st.

18th and Donovan traffic increases when WWU goes in session.

WWU should figure out how to get students to use Bill McDonaldParkway.

WWU needs to be more creative about getting students out ofcars.

WWU needs ore carpool parking spaces (for free).

Use the old Albertson's site as a WWU shuttle site.

WWU, HV Neighbors, and the City should with our state legislatorsand get parking funded.

Can the planning department ask at the beginning of the meetinghow many folks live in single-family residences? And how many havelived in non-SFR? Let folks know from the beginning that RM andalternative-housing users are not bad folks.

Do RM residents feel comfortable in this process?

What anti-RM biases interfere with this process?

If we don't encourage participation by the full spectrum, we'llget a less desirable, less pragmatically functional outcome.